5 Secrets behind Lanka premier League.

Is Lanka premier League lplt20 most awaited cricket tournament in Sri Lanka, among the youngsters?? 

The answer is YES but not only among youngsters, almost among every citizen in the country. 

People always say, "Practice make a man Perfect" because whether you are playing a sport like cricket or doing a formal presentation, we know how hard practice plays a key role on the floor. It gives us confidence and strength to face the challenges. In this competitive world, the same applies to Sport as well. 

With the development of the economies, most of the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia looked for the best practices within their countries to get the best personalities out, to represent their national sports teams. The tricks they have used to get those persons out is different tournaments in the countries merged with the franchises. (Ex: Indian premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh premier League etc etc)

In the same way, Sri Lankan cricket board going to introduce a new tournament in Sri Lanka called "Lankan premier League twenty 20 lplt20" to get the best cricket personalities highlighted. Which is scheduled November.


Are you aware of these 5 Teams & 5 Cities?

I know that some like reading but some might not… but if you are reading this piece of content you are lucky enough to get an idea about these five main cities in the island Sri Lanka. Even though we love cricket, we play cricket, we must understand about the places that we represent for our teams. 

People always say, Sri Lanka is an island but technically with everything around.

Obviously, You are lucky! because you have something to get from this article to your life.

Before step into the deep, I like to remind you of five different locations which are going to speak with the world after we playing this cricket tournament (Lanka premier League lplt20) within the island.

Because these five Sri Lankan locations are obsoletely different from one another. That is only because of the natural beauty of the environment.

Kandy, Colombo, Galle, Jaffna and Dambulla are the locations going to represent the teams of Lankan Premier League which starts from 2020. You may hear about these locations before but this article might help you find out more about these locations and will definitely answer your question, WHY YOU SHOULD TRAVEL SRI LANKA?

1.You Support Kandy Tuskers?


Kandy is an ancient city in Sri Lanka, located in the central part of the island. The cooler climate in the city make it a must travel destination on the island. 

You may hear this before but the natural beauty of this city is priceless. And the streets and the shops in the city make this ancient place attractive and colourful... Also the mountains of the city adding an extra value to this travel attraction in Sri Lanka. 

Whenever we talk about Kandy, Sri Lanka there are a few must talk topics to discuss relating to this destination, because those are the factors giving Kandy city a priceless natural beauty. A few namely,

#Kandy Perahera
#Temple of the tooth
#Kandy Lake
#Botanical Garden Kandy
#Elephant ๐Ÿ˜ Orphanage
#Kandy to Ella train journey
#Kandy street foods

Let's support the team Kandy Tuskers, to grab the trophy. ♥️

2.You Support Dambulla Viiking?


Dambulla is also located in the central province of Sri Lanka with 148 KM from Colombo Sri Lanka and this travel destination is famous due to some different reasons.

Mainly Dambulla is Sri Lanka's main and main vegetable distribution spotlight of the island… 

Apart from that Dambulla is also famous because of the Buddhist religious temples and the Buddha's stratus in Dambulla so most of the tourists visit this location to have a look into these amazing ancient landmarks.



You may hear about a top-class travel destination called "SIGIRIYA" which was listed as one of the best-preserved examples of ancient urban planning. 

Sigiriya is technically located in North part of the Matale district near the town Dambulla.. so whoever travel Sri Lanka and visit Dambulla they definitely travel to this amazing mind-blowing rock named Sigiriya.

Are you a supporter of Dambulla Viiking??♥️

3.You Support Jaffna Stallions #VaadaMachan?


We know as Asians we love cricket because of our past cricket players and the best cricket characters we found from the different cricket tournaments. So I hope this will be the best cricket tournament for you and the best entertainment for as well.

But we must understand a bit about our team location first, 

Jaffna is the amazing capital city of the Northern Part of the island, with so many traditional differences.

"Love your tradition and get love return from your tradition"

This is one of the most amazing locations on the island, Sri Lanka ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

If you plan to visit Jaffna, yes! definitely, we have high-class hotels and budget-friendly rooms for you.

Let's say, If you want to experience a different meal in Sri Lanka, you should definitely visit this amazing location called Jaffna because nature, culture and the environment is absolutely amazing and different to the other parts of the country. 

From hoppers to string hoppers, Curry's to Sambar, restaurants to street foods, snacks to sweets. You will love this travel destination and definitely say WoW ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Why you should travel Jaffna?

I have ONE ANSWER that is, 


A few eye-catching topics add to your travelling Jaffna diary,

#The train journey directing people from Colombo to Jaffna, we call it "Yaal Dev Train".

#Explore ancient Jaffna fort.

#Jaffna fort island.

#Jaffna fish Market and local markets.

#Travel Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil/temple.

#Jaffna public library.

#Jaffna University of Sri Lanka.

Are you ready to support Jaffna Stallions? ♥️

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4.You Support Galle Gladiators?


Another amazing Sri Lankan premier League twenty 20 cricket team, holding the fort city, representing the down south Galle, Sri Lanka. We know that the franchise Cricket tournaments make a good impact on sports like cricket and they make it much more interesting to give us great entertainment.

Are you interested in beaches? Old colonial street shops and city vibes? with very ancient architectural buildings and things?

If your answer is YES, add this city Galle to your travel bucket list.

In simple I can explain this city Galle as "Sri Lankans favourite City" one special thing about this travel destination is, if you travel Galle, you could see a few famous religious places which show the peace of the south part of Sri Lanka. And actually, most of these buildings were constructed in the old golden era.

Examples like Meeran Jummah masjid Galle fort, St.Mary's Cathedral Galle, Dutch reformed Church, Yatagala Raja maha Viharaya and etc etc.

A few must-visit places to visit in Galle district, Sri Lanka ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

#Galle fort and clock tower

#Galle lighthouse 

#Amazing art galleries

#Jungle beach

#Unawatuna beach

#Maritime Museum Galle

#Sea turtle farm Mahamodara

#Koggala beach

#National Museum of Galle

#Hikkaduwa beach and etc etc..

Let's support Galle Gladiators to win Sri Lankan premier League twenty 20 cricket trophy? ♥️

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5.You Support Colombo Kings?


Colombo is one of the most talkative topics among the tourists, you must know Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka with the highest population on the island.

If you want to visit Colombo, Sri Lanka, you will be able to gain hundreds to thousands of experiences to your life, because Sri Lanka is the landmark for the peace.

Different dishes ๐Ÿ”

Different Nightlife experiences

Different places 

Different people make this Colombo city colourful and attractive.

And now, because of the Sri Lankan Premier League twenty 20 (lplt20), there is one more theme adding to this city Colombo, that's is "COLOMBO KINGS" there are more people waiting to support the team Colombo kings. 

Whenever you talk about travelling Sri Lanka, (an island in the Indian Ocean) there is one topic that people always remembered that is Colombo City, we could say the heart of the country Sri Lanka.

Pettah is one of the main city in Colombo and Pettah is the place which direct everyone to reach the entire country, the Pettah main bus stand and the Pettah railway station assist people to travel their desired locations. Once you landed to Sri Lanka from Katunayake Bandaranaike international airport you will be able to reach Colombo city just by 20 minutes by the highway road.

Because the Pettah is the Main Market in the country and the main transportation hub on the island. There are thousands of things to describe Colombo Sri Lanka, but below are a few among them.

#Lotus tower๐Ÿ—ผ

#Pettah market: A secret about Pettah

#Galle face beach: My new year experience

#Port city which is under construction

#Arcade independence Square

#Viharamahadevi Park

#Gangaramaya temple

#Museums and liberties

Are you ready to Challenge Kandy Tuskers, Dambulla Viiking, Jaffna Stallions and Galle Gladiators while supporting Colombo Kings? ♥️

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Written By
Rassan Batcha


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