Himbutana Mulleriyawa, A Village You Should Know About,


We are all curious and eager to know about each of our friends' hometowns, maybe because of the difference and the beauty that each town has. And we love visiting those places because some towns give us different experiences.

So here I thought to give you an idea about my village Himbutana, Mulleriyawa which became an important town in a few recent years with so many differences in the infrastructure and facilities.

The town Himbutana, Mulleriyawa is not only a village that is well-known to me and it's a village where I grew up from the beginning of my life journey.

So knowing people from this village is not really a big challenge for me. We grew together, we played together, we studied together...so we know most of them in the village.

Himbutana Mulleriyawa new town is a village located in Colombo District, as a part of the Kolonnawa division with nearly a population of 35K and Himbutana Mulleriyawa is located in the Eastern part of the commercial capital Colombo.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to write a piece of article about this village Himbutana.

We know that each and every village, town, city in the world has something unique to talk about. That's how nature developed.

In this article I'm going to let you know a few important secrets about this village/town that we know as persons living in Himbutana Mulleriyawa new town, but remember knowing unknown things is our passion. And we hope you love it too.

What is Himbutana?

This is going to be a bit of an old storyline, which aged back to earlier 1978, a father, a husband, a police man who moved to this village with his family to serve the public of this rural village.

Ceylon Police that's what they called it in earlier days. That was my grandfather, the one and only reason why my family moved to this village, Himbutana.

Himbutana was not a city, it was a rural village which was filled with rubber trees, bushes all around. Since I was not old enough, I collected all this information from my father.

Geographical location & Importance of Himbutana?

As we all know Sri JayawardenaPura Kotte is the capital of Sri Lanka. And Colombo is the commercial capital.

Himbutana is located in Sri Jayawardenapura, in Colombo suburb. 

This Village, Himbutana is no more a village, it's developing, people and environment with all the infrastructure facilities around. 

There are some important and highlighted places around in the area of Himbutana, Mulleriyawa.

A playground with a school nearby called Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra College. And also a well known hospital named Colombo East Base Hospital (CEBH) and a well recognised nursing training institute (School of Nursing Mulleriyawa). 

These facilities show how developed this village has been, but specially a Cargills Food City, and BOC ATM (Automatic teller Machine) facilities add more value to this village Himbutana, Mulleriyawa.

Apart from that If you are looking for a place to calm your mind, I would highly recommend you a place in Himbutana which is named as Plants and Plants SuperCenter, one of my favourite places in the village.

There is an important road in Himbutana village called Pipe road which will take you to the next city Battarmulla only within a few minutes.

And it's just less than 6 km to reach out to Diyatha Uyana Park (Waters edge) from Himbutana and just 6 Km to reach the Parliament of Sri Lanka (the place which represents the electorate and making laws in the country).


Many friends, colleagues, and mates asked me about this village Himbutana, so I hope the given details of this article would definitely help everyone to get a basic idea of what this village is, and this might definitely help them to know about this village Himbutana.

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Written By  - Rassan Batcha
Edited By  - Ihshana Begum


  1. Amazing Article and high appreciatable.

  2. Nice article brother.. good job

  3. Wow, i felt the warmth and peacefulness of that village. But, can you write about the culture, the character of inhabitant, and many more than that😉

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback. We will concentrate on this and write more about this village in the future. Covering these topics as well

  4. A great article about Himbutana. first time a person wrote about this place.

  5. Great job Rassan! Next time, let's write more about the historical values of Himbutana, Mullleriyawa. Cheers..

    1. Thank you very much for taking time to comment and give us a lovely feedback. We will work hard and try to give some valuable content next time.

  6. Himbutana Mulleriyawa , never heard about this place before, This is the first article found about Himbutana from internet. very good . thanks for the information about Himbutana Mulleriyawa.

    1. Thanks and read our other blog posts as well.


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