Galle Face Green Vs Galle Face Beach.

Do you know that Galle Face Beach also can call as Galle Face Green?

The place which attracts many so people from the city Colombo. An attractive place in Colombo district with beautiful beach scenery and amazing high-class tourism hotels around facing to the beach, i.e.Cinnamon Garden Hotel, Taj Samudra, Galle Face Hotel, Galadari Hotel and Shangri La Hotel and a few colourful ancient buildings around.

As we all know Galle face beach is situated in the Indian Ocean. And this became one of the famous beaches on the island which brings thousands of local and tourists together. This is one of the world-class urban park owned by the Sri Lankan state.

It gives space for the children to play, elders to jogging, youngsters to hang out and sometimes military to practice their march.

There are a few topics that we must talk about when we are describing Galle Face, Colombo because these things add an additional value to the Galle face beach & ground.

Galle Face beach Street Foods

Usually, on weekends, the Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka filled with many people both local and foreign, on Weekends we will be able to see a very busy atmosphere. You can find so many food vendors where they prepare foods and sell. Different type of streets food plays a key role in this travel destination. We call it classic street foods in the market, you know most of the people from the Slave island and around the Colombo city visit Galle face to sell their street foods, goods and handworks.

Nana’s street food shop became one of the famous street food stalls in Galle face beach a guy able to impress the entire crowd with his streets foods like Kottu, hoppers, Vadai and etc etc.

So if you visit Galle Face, Colombo you should definitely have something in this stall to see the taste and the difference of foods.

One Galle Face

We all know that It’s less than 3Km from Galle Face Green to Pettah Market Sri Lanka, so most of the Foreigners and locals like this place Galle Face Green because of the easy access to the rest of the important places in Colombo.

When we are talking about Galle Face green there is one more important thing which we cannot skip, this place can call One Galle Face. The largest Shopping Mall in Colombo.

A large Shopping Mall which consists of so many shopping areas and stalls, not only that, remember PVR theatre make all of us comfortable and secure for a friendly movie night. Which added value to the entire shopping Mall One Galle Face. because of the secure parking area and facility, most people choose this place to hang out with their friends and family.

Do you think you need to grab a coffee with me? Come let’s rock in One Galle Face.

Port City - Galle face, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Colombo international financial City)

The future Galle face is going to be a massive Commercial area within the Commercial capital of Sri Lanka Colombo. The main reason for this Port City - Colombo international financial City

This Port City project was designed to assist the country economy development with a number of employment opportunities and also this city project will consist of almost all the facilities and infrastructure with top high-class hotels & Malls, schools & institutions, theatres & pools,  parks & play areas. This port city will be a large tourists attraction place in the country, and we all are waiting to see the beauty of this Port City - Colombo international financial City

Most importantly a high way road will be developed to assist people to reach out to Port city, This will be a route from Katunayake international airport to Port City, so tourists will be able to reach out to Port city in less than 45 minutes once they landed in Sri Lanka.

Horse races were held in Galle Face Green in the early 1820s, later on, these horse racing moved to the Colombo Racecourse. 

We know that Ships sail in the ocean that’s normal but a good environmental view, that’s rare. So having a good environmental beach view while having your cup of tea that’s Unique. We could experience a similar view by having a stay in one of a hotel in Colombo Galle Face Green. Galle Face beach is not so calm, so most of the time we do not recommend a sea bath.

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Written By  - Kalam Rasul Khan
Edited By  - Rassan Batcha
Photograph - Nazeef Nawas


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