Journey from Pettah to Rabukkana, Mawanella, Nagalla and Rambuk Ela for my first hiking experience.

Another day to enjoy! 

8.30 am I'm on my way to Pettah, Colombo to start a small journey to Mawanella, Kandy with two of my friends Arshad and Musadiq. I hope both my friends will be there in Pettah before I reach because as usual, I had to deal with traffic on the streets.

We have planned this journey because the next day 4th July one of my friend Shihab is getting married, it's actually a college love story. So we thought to go Mawanella today and stay in Shathir's place with the hope of having a good time today and to attend Shihab's wedding function tomorrow (Saturday)

Now time is 9.19 am: and as per our plan we have to catch our train at 9.30 am. I'm not sure whether we are going to make it or not. Because still, I'm passing Grandpass bus stand, actually two or three kilometres behind.

9.23 am: got a call from Musadiq telling that he took train tickets for three of us. So it's confirmed that we are going to travel by train. I have no clear picture of the destinations that we are going to take off. We will see with the time. 

Ran! Ran! Ran! Thank god nearly at 9.43am: I abled to reach out to the platform and took the train. Got to know from friends that this is a Badulla train. And we are going to get down from "Rambukkana". 

11.30 am: we got down from the train from Rambukkana...that's a wow train experience. I met my crush on the train sitting in front, facing me...😘 But the matter is, I didn't have a single word with her. 🥴 That's obvious.


Right now I'm sitting on the local bus to travel back to Mawanella from Rambukkana. Hopefully, we will be able to reach the destination within a few minutes. Anyway, I able to take a few pictures at the Rambukkana railway station with my travel mates.


Hi readers, you are a part of my travel journey. Thank you very much for staying in touch with our travel experience.

12.45 pm: Reached the destination Mawanella town and just now reached Shathir's place and he is one of my university mates...

So after finishing Jumma salat in a masjid next to my friend's place, now I'm having a small talk with three of my friends..we are discussing the next 24 hours that we are going to chill….

2.00 pm: had a great lunch at friends place… it was a biryani made by my friend Shathir's mom.

It's raining & music in the background and it's a good time to have a great nap.

5.00 pm: on my way to a river somewhere near Mawanella. it's a rainy day so l had to deal a lot with so many adjustments and had to change so many plans.


A river view 🌊 spent nearly a few hours with friends not to have a river bath but to enjoy some time with the travel mates Musadiq, Arshad and Shathir.

A view which helps you to overcome anxiety. I know we all had a hard time spending hours, weeks, months at home due to this Covid-19 but I used this opportunity to get out from that unfamiliar routine and to see the world in a different view. I wanted to explore the world, because like you all, I too spent days, months inside the home without even stepping into the outside.


7.40 pm having a discussion with friends just about our future and the way we have to improve our selves. And also about the challenges that we have to tackle in the real life.

9.00 pm: We went out to see the Mawanella town, Kandy and to a futsal near the town, After that we reached back to friends home nearly @ 9.30 am and had our dinner there.

12.16 am: as per my knowledge the late-night talks with friends are remarkable. I hope you will agree with this statement.

"And if you’re ever feeling lonely just look at the moon, and trust someone from somewhere is looking at it at the same time"  - by Shathir

12.38 pm update: on our way to a town called  "Nagalla" a town somewhere near Warakapola to attend our friend Shihab's wedding. And our friend Shathir able to arrange a vehicle for us. And now we are in Kandy Colombo road, passing the town Kegalle. I hope we will be able to reach the place in the next 30 to 45 minutes. Insha Allah.

After spending a few hours at the wedding ceremony, we returned back to Mawanella with the hope of executing a new travel plan to the city Kandy. Actually to my friend Musadiq's place.  I'm sure that you have never heard about his town.

Somehow we were able to reach out to the beautiful city "Kandy" nearly at 4.45 pm. We roamed here and there just to see the natural beauty of this ancient city.

5.30 pm: I was sitting inside the bus number 593, while I was typing this story for you.  The bus passes a few towns like Katugastota, Akurana and a few more new towns in the Kandy district. Actually, three of us are travelling towards the Matale side with the hope of travelling to a specific destination.


That special destination has a unique relationship with my blog because that destination was the reason for starting my blog. In 2018 I started writing stories for my blog from that travel destination. Probably, this destination will help me to find some more new experiences this time. 

You know we reached this village nearly at 7.00 pm afternoon.

Sunday 11.00am update; The village that I  was talking about is "Rambuk Ela". Rambuk Ela is one of my favourite places to spend my holidays because of the natural beauty of the village. And this village is 24 Kms far away from Kandy town. And to reach out to this village we have to pass a lot of mountains and abnormal roads where we could see so many trees in the background. 


12.30 pm update: we walked towards the Ankubura town side from Rambuk Ela till we get a bus to reach out to the Ankubura town because we had to purchase some food items for cooking. After walking two or two and a half kilometres, fortunately, we were able to get a bus to reach out to the Ankubura town Market. So Musadiq bought some vegetables and Curry's for our lunch.

While we were walking on the Rambuk Ela Ankubura road, we have captured so many beautiful views points. 


We are about to have a great time in the next few hours.

So far I have explained some normal routine experiences I had, but this will be one of another abnormal journey that I have ever experienced in my life. 😘

You could say that this is normal, but "hiking" is something new for me and this is one of my first experience in hiking. For this hiking, I have chosen an amazing place in Rambuk Ela, Kandy. And the name of that beautiful hiking place is "Kandha Kal" which is 800 meters above from the sea level.  Our hiking experience finally helped us to reach this place "Kandha Kal" (Hill stone).


The speciality of this place is, if you stand on the rock you will be able to see "Matale town" from the northeast side, and "Kandy town" from the southeast side. And a small view of the "Pallekale ground" which is one of an international cricket ground in Sri Lanka.

We have started our hiking nearly at 4.00 pm and we able to reach the "Kandha Kal" (Hill Stone) nearly at 5.30 pm. An unforgettable walking and talking, sometimes an easy way but mostly a hard road to reach out to this pace...This was an amazing hiking experience I have ever experienced.


We spent nearly an hour on the rock and we have decided to return back at 6.30 pm because of the sunset. 

And you know we have covered this Rambuk Ela and the hiking place with so many beautiful photos. 📷


11.30 pm: Technically I have completed my travel journey after exploring so many places like Mawanella, Nagalla,  Ankubura, Rambuk Ela in Kandy. I hope you all have enjoyed my travel experience and did enjoy reading my article. 

I am about to finish the journey the next day, by returning back to the home by train, Insha Allah.

Do comment below if you have enjoyed reading this article ???

Written By
Rassan Batcha


  1. Awesome,
    happy about the blog,i'm from Rambuk ela.

    1. Hi Mujahidh, I am really happy to hear back from Rambuk Ela.
      Thank you for your lovely words...
      Stay In Touch as always...

  2. Nice brother.. love your blogging from india🇮🇳

    1. Thank you very much Bro ♥️ love from your neighbor Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  3. Interesting blog Rassan! Excited to read on the other topics as well!! Keep up the good work mate!!!!

    1. Hi Saeedha, thanks a lot for your comments. Keep on supporting our blog. This means a lot.


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