Covid19's Inventiveness


It was some time ago, the end of 2019. Everyone from the earth started reading a new chapter in their lives which was about a disease. 

An unknown, unidentified, uninvited guest to the earth. Which was initially identified in Wuhan, China. 

We knew nothing, because it was difficult to understand or to be treated, we heard. So that is why people started hating it, we know as always people hate what they don't understand.

In life, sometimes we need to accept what is not invited, right. So, I would call this an era of creating so many unforgettable memories.

Time went by and this started spreading all over the world, people panicked, many people got infected, finally this was given a name called CoVid 19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) which was extracted from the word Corona Virus Disease 2019. 

As you all got confused, even this disease leads me to think of Zombies, Aliens etc etc.

I hope everyone has a question running through their minds: Am I fortunate to survive or unfortunate to lose our loved ones with this tragic disease?

We lost our Relatives, Friends Neighbors,

Do you agree? At the moment of loss only we realize the value of our relationships & people. 

Covid 19 (Corona virus) its power is Unforgettable, this causes problems towards human health, human routine & world at large, where thousands and thousands of people got infected and left us. While some people are still suffering from this to overcome. 

This CoVid 19 (Corona Virus) gave us a lot of pain, even though this is a threat to the younger generation it's our responsibility to take care of our elder generation from this disease.

We know that, The older somebody is, the more they understand where they are in the world, but young people are trying to show the old people how smart they are. That's how the life cycle works.

In this situation the younger generation must work smart to assist our older generation, to get rid of this CoVid virus. We can at least assist them with our technological equipment to reach out to the rest of the family instead of visiting them.

People love challenges but this became a big challenge for the health sector workers to treat their patients and we can call this challenge as the challenge of SURVIVING.

Homeschooling & Benefits for Students,

Children, to think Big…

Have we ever thought of homeschooling when we were studying? Never ever...

Now this is the time we need to realise how smart this world is. 

Teachers started their routine guiding process through online systems while students started studying via online facilities, absolutely abnormal.

Before 2019 our parents knew nothing about online teaching and learning platforms or any similar technological equipment but not at least all our parents got to know about these online studying techniques, facilities and platforms.

The world pushed them to learn about these new things as we all stepped into a new normal routine.

We are moving towards an advanced world where everyone will consider their health and education while staying at home

Just imagine how beautiful it could be, having your own book collections at home with a vast number of your study materials.

That's where you will be able to achieve what you expect and will help a lot to enrich your knowledge. Because this is an era of homeschooling.

Theory behind borrowing your own Pen,

Borrowing your own Pen taught us a great lesson right after this pandemic situation which we consider now as a new normal. 

This gives you a vast range of lessons on how hard we must be socially responsible for all the actions that we take in our day to day life.

We knew borrowing our own water bottle and own handkerchief was normal in our lives earlier.

But this CoVid 19 gave us a valuable lesson of borrowing your own Pen, mask and personal hand sanitizer. Which can be considered as a new friend for our backpacks.

Here in this scenario we can understand how important it is to have your own Pen.

Instead, we can recommend that we can use our smartphones and QR code technology to fill our important forms while we are out and do our payments via online to avoid unnecessary interactions.

Showing interest on part time hobbies,

We all know that CoVid 19 had a huge impact on our day to day lifestyle.

Even though we have had an overall negative impact from this disease this gave us some positive trends as well. Which reminded us to spare some time for ourselves.

Intelligent people, advanced mindsets were able to turn this pandemic situation into a positive atmosphere by turning and trying new things in their lives. 

They were able to Identify their hidden talents while identifying their hobbies like,


passion for writing, 

Helping people, 



Keeping pets, 

Interest in health and fitness, 



Bird watching, etc etc.

That's how new startups were introduced and international relationships developed throughout the season.

From this we can understand that even during these pandemic conditions we have actually managed our time effectively and contributed to improve ourselves.



So far I have explained a few practical scenarios which taught us to get this pandemic situation, CoVid 19 disease in a positive way.

  1. The importance of family friends and relationships.

  1. Homeschooling and benefits for students.

  1. Borrowing your own Pen and smart world technologies.

  1. Your hobby will play a key role in developing your day to day lifestyle.

I know that there may be some people who don't really like our key points or views on CoVid 19, but I'm sure there may be some genuine experts who absolutely love this piece of content and actually understand the takeaways to grow/improve themselves.

Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think,

Written By  - Rassan Batcha
Concept By - Murshida


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