Work from Home Vs Work from Office based on my personal experience.

This is not just the regular content on the internet that you come across on the topics work from home and work from office which are widely discussed in the current world with the rise of covid .


In this article I will be discussing the differences I have learnt between working from home and working from office. This is obviously not one of my routine topics but I thought to share this experience with you because I hope this might help you grow and understand a lot more about work from home and work from office cultures.

Around 4 years ago, when I was at university I started writing as a hobby to learn and grow. 

I always knew I wanted to start something interesting to express my ideas, opinions and experiences. As you all know, putting myself into blog and articles has completely changed my lifestyle. Having a passion for articles and writing helped me a lot in my life, I was able to narrate stories, develop my ideas and concepts while refreshing my memories. 

As I have a few years of experience in both working from home and working from office, I was able to figure out a few things from my experiences which I would like to share with you guys. I am happy to share these keynotes with my lovely readers who are reading out there ❤️

Let me ask you a question first, DO YOU PREFER TO WORK FROM HOME OR WORK FROM OFFICE?πŸ˜„  

Work from Home?

This is a concept new to us since the rise of covid. If you ask me I would say Work from home was both fun and stressful at the same time. Let me tell you why, 

The first good thing gained from working from home is the family time. We all work hard to take care of our families and many successful businessmen have always said they earned what they want but lost their precious family time. Jack Ma once quoted, 

"I regret that I'm working so hard, I spent so little time with my family. If I have another life I would never do things like this" 

But imagine working hard while being able to be with your family and spend time with them. I think that's an amazing opportunity this work from home concept has given us. 


As we all know, previously tech people and freelancers used to work from home but now almost all the firms are figuring out ways to make their workplace connect to the internet. 

European countries are already in the process of developing and executing home concepts where they are trying to come up with creative ideas to make a home desk look and feel like working from office. Some people have even adopted this as a hobby and do it leisurely. 

Unlike normal work from office days, when we work from home the hassle is less. I wake up with no tension of having to travel to office, sit in my pyjamas some days and start working 😁. My mom makes sure I get my tea and have my meals on time and I always feel connected to my family. Especially my little nephew who is always around and keeps my environment very lively. These were the comforts I personally got from working at home. 

When you are working from home wouldn't you schedule your daily deliverables/tasks before you start work each day. I know your answer will be yes. Because as an individual working from home you must know what are the tasks that you have to go through on the particular day sometimes since you are at home and don't feel active, prioritizing your work can become a challenge. I think all of us working from home have experienced this?! 😜    

During our WFH days we had Occasional virtual meetups with our MD Dinesh and team where we were constantly motivated by them and I believe this was an amazing way to keep us encouraged while working from home. 

Also, have you noticed the sacrifice your family or people at home have to make if you are working from home? I would ask my family members not to make a single noise when I'm on meetings or daily huddles. I used to do this until one day one of our team heads at a new year party mentioned that, just the way people at home adjust to our official needs, we need to accept that our work colleagues should also adjust to the little noises and disturbances that come from our home background. 

This question is to the people who are working from home. Have you realized that you are saving money while working from home? Is there anything unique that you do with that savings?

I have mentioned in the comment section below how I make use of my additional savings to level up my skills. 

Please drop your ideas in the comment section below so it will be beneficial for the other readers as well ! ! πŸ˜‰

Work from Office? 

From the time you get into the bus, greeting your security officer, the way you use the elevator, and how you communicate with your colleagues while you are in the elevator with strangers, and that morning smile you share with everyone you come across etc everything matters and adds value to your personality. I believe this interaction is a major benefit of working from office.

Especially how you present yourself in front of others in terms of attire or communicating with colleagues. After I resumed work from office , I realized how my WFO culture helped me to develop myself in many ways. 


The foundation for a happy workplace is the connections that we build with our colleagues. The more the connection the more the happiness. This leads teams to bring more Innovations and brainwaves to the process. 

Let me share with you a few of the experiences I had while I was enjoying my life at the office 😊

It was 14th March 2022, A warm Monday, the day I was back to the office for the first time after some years working from home. I was curious and eager to get to know my colleagues and new teammates. 

I have never met most of them before as there were some new members in our team. 

The excitement paid off well because I met a bunch of amazing people from my team who come from different cultural backgrounds and have mind-blowing personalities πŸ€—

It was mostly a pleasure to meet certain young and fresh minds who have just started their career and it was an honor to be able to support them to start and grow. 

I still remember one fine working day my Managers Shalika and Chalani were instructing me on some work and there was something new I felt because all this while we have been communicating and coordinating virtually and this direct one to one conversation made me realize how better I understand the work assigned to me and how well my managers were able to communicate it to me rather than the online platform✌🏻

As 90's kids we know, 20's kids are very very very talkative and think that they are well matured, yes they are the one Sumaiya and Prarthana funny colleagues who make the workplace happier and crazier 😜

Vimukthi, the one who is always concerned about fitness and wellbeing, always gives me free advise on how to stay fit though I don't listen to him. Vimukthi, only we both know how it is to deal with a team where the male female ratio is 2:9 isn't it? 😜

Yes guys, I know you feel sorry for us LOL πŸ˜‚ 

Shangari is the serious and cute team member who always mind her own business as long as she has her coffee and gets her work done. Shangari, please let's chill a little πŸ˜‰

A perfect example of a non-stop talking machine. Saeedha, the one sitting next to me. Sometimes she speaks to me but Saeedha, only I know how hard it is to pretend like I'm listening. My laughing partner, a stressed out Singer, was listening to her songs whenever she was stressed or relaxed. I asked her many times, ``Do you want me to play music for your songs? But I got rejected because of my bad music skills πŸ˜‚

Dilini, you joined our team a little late but you're one of the funniest. Perfect example of a foodie, I always advise her to stop eating when she's stressed but she never listens πŸ˜‚ She is very keen on learning anything new and she's always seeking new opportunities.

Although we had so much fun at office there is still a part of our team that we missed very much. Ashani who has been working from home since day 1. She is an amazing and helpful colleague. If you're reading this Ashani, we are all excited to meet you soon!!! πŸ˜‰

As humans all of us love people unconditionally, people from different cultural backgrounds teach us so many different cultural beliefs and their practices, many beautiful festivals, many traditions, and traditional attire are some of the interesting factors we get to explore and admire from other cultures ✌🏻

While working from office we had one such golden opportunity to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil new year with our co-workers and it was an amazing experience. We were able to engage in many traditional games and events and the best part was that everyone were dressed as per the cultural theme and that was something unique and exciting for all of us 😊

Apart from that we also had a day to celebrate Ramadhan with our co-workers. This event was the most interesting celebration as irrespective of religion or race every single person from the entire office observed a day of fasting and had Ifthar (Breaking of fast) together with us ❤️ 

These were some of the best moments we had at office that I wanted to share with my lovely readers.


Always remember you can't compare working from an office and the dedication you are putting into; by sitting in your pyjamas all day and working from home. On a construction site you must pay attention to everything around you. Each job requires a different level of commitment and no job can be compared to another. 

Having said all of the above, I would like to conclude that both WFO and WFH have their very own advantages and disadvantages. If you ask me to pick the best out of the two I would not choose one. 

My choice would definitely be a hybrid/Smart working model. 

Think about it, rather than having to work from office everyday or having to work from home everyday , what if we have a balance between the two. What if we work 2 days at office and 3 days at home or vice versa. I understand the asset limitations can be a barrier to this but if that is not a problem, wouldn't a hybrid be a healthy choice for all of us? 

We will be able to have a balanced stress free work life while being exposed to all the good and bad from both WFH and WFO. This way we will be able to maintain a good relationship with colleagues and have a healthy family life.

The way you upgrade to the next level, whether it could be work from home or work from office, creative people see the world and the home office in a different perspective πŸ˜‰✌🏻


It could be WFH or WFO. We know employee engagement is a very crucial thing in the corporate world. It really matters how you communicate with your peers and seniors, also the way you communicate is very important. The more you communicate the more you come to quick solutions. 


Therefore, whether it's WFH or WFO we should always understand that, communicating the right things at the right time and in the right way is a key factor for a successful work environment. 

Now that you have read my article do let me know your idea of a perfect work experience and if you have anything to add to the above I'm more than happy to know 😊 Don't forget to tell us how you make use of your extra savings πŸ˜‰

Drop your comments below ❤️

Written By  - Rassan Batcha & Saeedha Kiyas


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  1. I have asked you a question in the introduction of the article. What would you do with your additional savings you are saving working from home i.e travel expenses etc.

    My answer is I strongly believe that the extra savings gained by working from home should be invested into something useful.

    I usually use my extra savings from working from home to collect newspapers like sunday observer and Daily mirror and this helps me enhance my knowledge and reading and writing skills.

    Do comment your ideas below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  2. This was just amazing Rassan , I was laughing and emotional at the same time. It's just simply Brilliant ! Keep up the good work

    1. Hi really happy to see your comment, means a lot to me. Stay connected as always. Love your support.

  3. Wow.. This is really great !

    1. Thank you for your comment. Stay in touch as always.

  4. Dilini Jayawickrama16 July 2022 at 23:10

    You are such a natural storyteller. That’s a very nice article. I will try my best to avoid eating when I’m stressed 😩. And thank you for the advice πŸ˜…. To be honest, I generally don’t read. But, this article caught my attention ❤️.

    1. Hi Dilini, thanks for your comment and lovely feedback. Keep supporting us.

      Keep up your hard great years are yet to come I hope the below will add something to your life, take your time to go through this video. A recommended book summary RICH DAD AND POOR DAD.

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    A good topic and I 100% agree with hybrid approach 😊

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  6. For me every bit of this article was amazing and I enjoyed reading it. You're such an inspiring, amazing and passionate writer Rassan and I'm hoping to see you reach heights very soon!!
    Haha and I'm on the process of considering if I should accept your music to my songsπŸ˜‚ Thankyou for including me in the article! It was certainly a pleasure to assist you 😊

    1. Thanks for your feedback and comment. We are really happy and proud to mention your name here on this article. You are such a talented person I have come across. You have a great capacity to achieve more and more in your life. This is just the beginning, PLAN IT AND WORK ON IT.


  7. The article was helpful and a very important topic discussed. I use my savings to make small investments in CSE and learn the stock market investment process. Its helpful

    1. Great similarly. I would also suggest invest money on books, novel and stories. The more you read the more you again something. There are some local stalls, stock clearance sales available to purchase books. Find them and rock your future with knowledge.

  8. This article literally true and it’s happening in everyone’s day to day life especially WFH and very well said πŸ‘

    1. Thank you very much sir/madam. We appreciate your feedback. We will keep on writing and come up with more and more interesting topics.

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  9. very informative blog article . I prefer hybrid like you mentioned.


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