Why the King of Pettah Market carrying a Scarf (Colombo 11)

"In our life, we meet some new people unexpectedly who give us unforgettable memory. We give them a small smile or a talk. But we don't even know whether we can meet them again in our life or not because always...."

You may hear about Pettah Market earlier in your life but this is something special that I want to share, This is not only about Pettah Market, about kings of Pettah Market (Colombo 11).
I feel good because you all are going through my stories. Sounds great..!!

You know these are not only just stories, herein each and every story, there are also a number of beautiful memories. Even if I can pay I cannot get them back to my life. Because situations made them no plans.

Have you ever thought what will happen, if you write your memories on a paper with the hope of reading in the future?
I am telling you, it will be the best feeling in this world.

You know it took just a few minutes for me to learn a life lesson from an unknown third person whom I met in Pettah Market. Since this was a life lesson I wanted to add this to my memory.

My experience in Pettah Market

Main Street
A day when I was walking along the Pettah main street a few things got my attention Khan clock Tower, Red Masjid (Jami UL Alfar mosque), an argument between two persons.

You know that the Pettah market is a quite rush area so I couldn't see anything properly. Things were out of control. But I only noticed those two wore sarong and shirts with a scarf in hand.

I was quite hurrying!

So I had to go quickly through the 3rd cross street because that was where my uncle Aboobucker doing his business.

Whenever I get free time I go pettah market to have a chat with my uncle as a leisure time activity. Even though he busy with his business works he always had enough time to talk to me. At that time we have had a nice talk as usual.

Pettah market is the main market for all the submarkets in Sri Lanka. This market is located in the city of Colombo. Pettah Market is surrounded by Beira Lake, Pettah floating market, Colombo Fort railway station, Gold Center, Khan clock tower, Red Masjid, Main street, and Pettah main bus station.

Earlier Pettah was the only place where tramps were famous in Colombo City.

Pettah Streets and Shops

We know that there are a number of shops in each and every street in the Pettah market. If you are on a walk you could only see the shops faced to the streets. But you should know that there are too many shops in each and every market.

To reach market shops you have to enter into the buildings, whichever face in the streets.

There are a number of streets in the Pettah market like:
China Street

Gasworks Street,    Prince Street,    Maliban Street,         Front Street,
Keyzer Street,   China Street,     Banxoll Street,          Dam Street,
Sea Street,            St Joseph Street,    
1st cross street,     2nd cross street,
3rd cross street,     4th cross street,   5th cross street. And few more Streets.

Once you enter into the Shops in Pettah Market you have the power of bargaining. But remember you can bargain only up to a certain amount.

While I was sitting next to my uncle, I noticed what was happening in the outside street.
Uncle Aboobucker
There were a number of people going here and there like ants. Shop owners and pavement shopkeepers were busy with doing businesses while customers busy with their purchasing works. 
So the streets were really rushed and crowded.

You know rushed not only with people, rushed with vehicles and with a kind of fancy motors. I know that not everyone is familiar with these fancy motors since they visit the Pettah market.

But you know these fancy motors can run not with fuel or anything, only can run using labour-power. That’s why I named it “Fancy Motor”.

Fancy motor

These fancy motors were made to transport goods in the Pettah market.

By the time I saw my uncle talked to someone and kept the phone. I didn't notice because my mind was running here and there on the street. Because can have a good outside view.

Suddenly, A man came to the shop and talked with my uncle.

I felt like he was little familiar to me, but the scarf in his hand reminds me who it was. Because he was the one who argued with someone in the main street. 

Later, my uncle handed him a bill and showed him a number of packed goods. Then only I realized he was one of the owners of a fancy motor. That was to transport those goods to Keyzer Street in Pettah.

After that, the person went with the goods.

Later I let my uncle know about the argument what I saw between this man and the other in the main street. 

You know what my uncle told me about all these fancy motor people. “They work hard to earn money as laborious and once the work got finished, they get back to other work. They are fighting for life. And it’s called hard work what they do."

End of The View.

At that moment I realized, 

In our life, we meet some new people unexpectedly who give us unforgettable memory.
We give them a small smile or a talk. But we don't even know whether we can meet them again in our life or not because always we have to move on. 

Maybe that's why still I can remember that day and the things which were happening.
By looking at that fancy motor guy in Pettah the only thing which came to my mind was, 

“You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give” 

Written By
Rassan Batcha

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  1. Fancy motors superb

    1. we are happy about your comment, because we wanted to spread the new word of "Fancy motor" and it worked well.

  2. Pettah is one of a biggest marketplace in Colombo..we know that when we heard the name of Pettah..it depicts that rush and crowded situation..Although it is rushed and crowded, it gives life for many people and there are so many hidden stories behind the labours and the Shopkeepers..You have nicely explained that “You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give” by describing the labours in Pettah market..most of the people especially customers and the public won't notice the difficulties behind those people..but you have added a significant to those people from your blog..and one thing touched my heart from your blog the word "Fancy Motors" ..Most of the people see it's just a labour powered vehicle used just for transport the goods..but you have described it as a fancy motors by adding a greater value to their service..Moreover your topic also really awesome and related "Why the King of Pettah Market always carrying a Scarf "...I think it says that the king of Pettah is the one who see and caring about the difficulties and hardwork that have done by labours and and the businessmen..that's why you mentioned the Pettah as King..I absolutely agree with your blog article..each and every verses described the situational stories and marvellous experience about pettah..gd job and keep it up brother..😊😊

    1. M.J.S Amra, thank you for the great review! We’re so happy you loved the article and also you did a great support to us.

  3. It's a nice blog. Whereas it explains about the difficuilties faced by the 'fancy motor ' owners to earn for their living.. It's interesting...

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. We hope that you found it useful.

  4. That is a vry nice story...actually I haven't heard the word of "fancy motor" still now.. but I have seen them in pettah..you always told us very interesting stories..I got new thing when I was reading your story..anyway..good job..keep it up..👌

  5. Friend I agree with you, finding something new to say is our passion. It’s always nice to have this type of comments, Thanks !

  6. I am from delhi. And I went through your blog it's really valuable and into the point.Because I came pettah last week and had a same experience like you did...and there are things to purchase in a low price.

    1. Wow an Indian, & one of my favourite country. Welcome to Sri Lanka and do let us know if you need any hand in this matter.

  7. Pettah market is good enough to visit

    1. Feel free to contact us to know more about Pettah Market in Sri Lanka. We can give you some free tips


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