Wayamba field visit to Bopath Ella, Sabaragamuwa University and Army (SLMA)

If we ask them they might say,
"It does not matter how senior you are if you want to be perfect then follow the rules" ......???

Have you ever been a student in your life? If so, this is for you.
I have a small question first.

Are you good at talking?
I know you are but you know I started talking with you all through my blog a little while ago.

I already talked through Pettah, Colombo, Kuliyapitiya, Rambuk Ela and Galle face articles.

Those were few of my own experiences but this is somewhat awkward.

I know that attending trips are quite familiar for us, but attending a trip with more than 200 people at once is quite unfamiliar. Can you even imagine this kind of a situation?

On 17th November 2018, it was nearly at 4:10 AM I was running to our Wayamba University student center to attend a meeting which was conducted by our department head. (Sir Mr.Ulawatta)

But actually, I got quite late with my friends that's why I only heard the end of his speech.
"students be disciplined careful and let's go"

That was our Wayamba University accountancy departments field visit date and us about to backpacking a few places in our country Sri Lanka.

We must thank our lecturers for organizing this field visit and our batch mates whoever took the responsibility of each bus. Because there were not 2 or 3 buses. There were exactly 5 buses so managing things were quite a hard task.

Bopath Ella falls and Oarsman

It was nearly at 7:45 AM we reached Bopath Ella, a waterfall in Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka.

It was planned already by our lecturers and I knew nothing about their plans, I didn't even ask because I wanted to go with the flow, with the question of "what is going to happen next".

oarsman and Dugout

To reach this Bopath Ella falls we had to walk nearly 300 meters from the place we are we had our breakfast and parked our busses.

And you know, I did pass that 300 meters by talking with a great personality.

There was a waterfall with the shape of "Bo" leaf at our eye-catching distance you know that's why it named as Bopath Ella falls.

And there was an oarsman with a Dugout to pass passengers near to the Bopath Ella falls.

But a few of us chose to go through the water because it was only one foot deep but that oarsmen gave our friends a free ride. A kind personality.

All of her busy talking and taking snaps with their friends, and also there was a batchmate to cover each and every situation with snaps.

He did his work well because whoever asked him to take a photo he went there without raising any questions. Oh! Actually, I forgot to thank you, buddy.

Dugout Freeride

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

we left Bopath Ella falls nearly at 9:15 AM and we started to travel towards the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

This is one of our brother university in Sri Lanka. It was quite a long journey and everyone was eager to visit Sabaragamuwa University because we heard that the climate of the place is really cool and fresh.

I know that as a human you too like to travel cool climates because climate is a language which can talk with you directly.

I feel good if you share this article among your friends. Because we can reach this to the world.

We reached the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka nearly at 12:15 PM and we had our lunch there. I met a few of my friends and talk to them.

Since our universities are siblings/relatives at least we must behave as neighbours so that's why I invite them to visit our Wayamba University.

Samanalawewa Power station and Samanalawewa Dam 

Time went by we travelled towards the Samanalawewa power station. The place which helped us to learn a bit about how the electric power generating using water power.
Samanalawewa Power Station

You know it was a kind of advance process and that's why I got nothing from the one who explained.

To see the process we had to go through a number of steps down words because it was an underground building with more than five floors.

And the background was really noisy it was like a noise making machine.

While we were walking over the process sometimes I felt what will happen to us if that occurs any leakage or any small shortage.

Oh! God saved us.

After went through this Samanalawewa power station, we reached Samanalawewa dam nearly at 4:30 PM, a few kilometres far from the power station and we were lucky to be a part of that kind of scenery.

Sri Lanka Military Academy, Where we met real-life heroes.

You know the difference between men and gentlemen? The answer to this is somewhat complex.

I realized the real meaning of these two only after I reached Sri Lanka Military Academy. (SLMA)


Sri Lanka army is one of the best places where we can meet Gentlemen with the number of multiple personalities.

Those who are:
  • Strict disciplinarians.
  • Highly professionals.
  • Those who have the right to fight but kind-hearted.
  • Those who expect peace but not the war.

If we ask them they might say,

"It does not matter how senior you are if you want to be perfect then follow the rules" 

That's how they developed their mindset.

You know that everyone has a weak moment, even I do. Here I am not asking you to be an SRK from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Just look at these gentlemen and feel the difference.

It's guaranteed You have something to learn from them.
By dead Soldiers, Not everyone noticed this.

I am telling you all these because right after we left the Samanalawewa Dam we reached Sri Lanka military Academy and spend our whole night there.

Because we had participated a few more workshops and sessions on the next day.

Arrangements for our students were well settled and disciplined. That night we felt really tired so we went to sleep quite earlier.

And I can remember it was nearly at 5:45 AM.
Someone knocked on the door...

One of our batch mates opened the door there was an army man outside and I heard he was telling.
  "Boys get up. This is your morning tea time."

I told myself,

 "my goodness what a time to have a tea"

That day we had a number of sessions there like:

  • Morning work trained by army physical trainers. 
  • Question and answering session in the main auditorium. As usual, I didn't forget to raise a question because I wanted to remark that occasion.
  • Sightseeing of Sri Lanka a military academy.
  • The last thing like we had was an interesting session in


You know that was all about sniper training in Sri Lankan, from there I learned a lot about it.

While the officer explaining about the sniper soldiers, suddenly a gunshot sound came from the front. We were shocked and with that, two statues which I noticed from the beginning of his speech started moving and a kid who came with us cried with fear. It was like a miracle. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

You know the officer pointed out those two statues and said:  “They are snipers.”

Written By

Rassan Batcha

Do comment below your experiences, ideas and opinions. Your comments can talk with the world?

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  1. You have visited number of places as your field visit which was conducted by the Department of Accountancy..All your experiences are adding a greater value to our knowledge and minds..and you have shared your marvellous experiences that you have got from the above mentioned places..among those i admire the Sri Lanka Military Academy the most..you have uploaded a pic of that, which is saying about "we gave our today for your tomorrow".It's just a line..but it contains so many meaningful ideas..Hope we also visit these kinds of field visit in near future in another different and wonderful places..thank you for sharing your experiences, we have got an idea about a field visit..Nice article and good luck brother��

    1. Thanks a lot! And we like to give our best to readers. Because giving an understanding of all over the places in Sri Lanka is our passion.

  2. I think I was really lucky to be a part of this field visit.we had a great time with our whole batch.And you remind me each and every situation we had with our college family.

    1. You are our strength... Cool.... stay blessed we love getting feed backs from our readers.

  3. Yeah it's Nanda from india .great wrk mr.rassan, love your blogging keep doing man we support you..

    1. Thanks for your support friend. You gave your hand from the begening..

  4. Great blog post about Sri Lanka military service

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me improve my blog. read our other blog posts as well

  5. Wayamba University of Sri Lanka a best place ever,

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me improve my blog. read our other blog posts as well


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