Free Travel tips for Sri Lanka 2020 #Updated

"You know travel tips help travellers to have a marvellous travelling experience. That's why you are searching for travel tips....."

You know that we are in the law of paying price but these travel tips will cost you nothing. Are you the kind of person who is interested in travelling that's why I bring some important travel tips for you which will help you in 2020. You may agree with John Green like he said:

"I am in love with cities I have never been to and people I have never met"

we all love travelling, meet unknown people, having conversations, having great times, that makes our life quite interesting. Here I mention a few travel tips we must consider before travel to any particular place. It may be a Country it may be a City whatever. These travel tips will help you to get in touch with the places where you want to be.

01. Ask from Quora.

You may know about this Quora earlier, Quora is a platform which helps us to raise whatever the questions and get whatever the answers from Natives all over the world. 

But here this travel tip is somewhat different. You know earlier Quora is not so familiar among Sri Lankans but now it is.

So if you raise your travel-related questions (or whatever ) here in Quora, there are many natives here in Sri Lanka to give you the right answers. 

This will help you to get a clear idea about the place where you want to be and wanted to know. It may be a country, a city, about transportation or whatever.

And also you can raise your connections with whatever the language that you prefer. Because most of Sri Lankans are familiar with many languages like Sinhala, Tamil, English, Hindi, Malay and so on.

02. Emergency 119 and mobile service providers.

This travel tip is beneficial for you once you visit Sri Lanka. As Sri Lankan citizens our main goal is to protect our tourists whoever visit Sri Lanka.

If you are in Sri Lanka and there is an emergency Occurs, you can directly dial 119 the emergency call support. Then Sri Lanka police will get in touch with you soon. And you can complain about the matter to them.

Another thing that you must know before travel Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka mobile service providers.there are a few mobile service providers like;

/Huch, Etisalat

You can use your own Sim card here through Roaming service but the charges are quite high. so it's better if you can go for a local SIM card it's cost-effective. These are local mobile service/ network providers.
Remember you can buy local SIM cards from communications.

03. Study the background with these tips.

You know travel tips help travellers to have a marvellous travelling experience. That's why you are searching for travel tips.

In this travel tip, I am going to tell you about Sri Lanka tourism website Click this and how this site can help you with your travelling purpose to Sri Lanka.

You may know about this site earlier but I have two tips about this site.

On the site, there is a particular link where you can find a bit about Sri Lankan hotels & other accommodations and registered tour guides.

It will help you to reach their personal site and contacts. From that, you can learn a lot about the guides and the nature of the places where you want to be.

You can search for guides, Google them, can search for social media profiles, can search for public reviews and etc etc.

04. Overall travel tip to Sri Lanka.

I am telling you this because at one point of time as humans we all expect world peace. That's why we think twice about this saying:

"When we connect people bonds between nations become stronger"
Can you agree?
At one point in time, you may be confused about what to know about the place before you reach it. And this is the guide to it. This extra tip will help you not only with your travelling purpose to your life too.

Let's say you want to travel to Sri Lanka or want to know something that you not know.

Here the thing what you want to do is. Type the keyword (ex: Sri Lanka) on the Omni box/search bar and then give a search. Then you know with that number of links and pages will appear.

And then scroll down to the bottom and there you can see a place like this with multiple quick links. These must be the things that you must know about, and try to go through those topics that will help you to be a good traveller.
Written By
Rassan Batcha

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  1. Another travel tip: You know There are number of newspaper providers in Sri Lanka. And if you can search for newspapers & go through news headlines before you travel. This will help you to get an overall idea about the current situation of the country. (ex-political, whether,currency decisions etc etc.)

    1. Really a helpful backing tip for our readers . Thanks a lot

  2. Wow,

    Wonderful travel tips about Sri Lanka 2019. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise unlike any other on planet Earth. From enlivening sunsets on golden beaches, fresh aromas hanging over tea estates, leopards prancing about in thick jungles, to stunning Buddhist temples resonating vibes of peace and serenity, there’s nothing that Sri Lanka doesn’t offer. If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your next trip, it should definitely be Sri Lanka. Due to Sunday's terror attacks, travel to Srilanka is not Safe now, that's why I have canceled my trip & planning to visit Langkawi, Malaysia, which is a famous tourist spot, there are some of the finest luxury hotels like Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat.


    1. You are correct... But we are working on making this country safe/ will take few weeks, Our forces are busy working these days and you can visit this country as usual in near future...Stay in touch & Let us know if there are anything??


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