This is How I read people at BMICH Exhibition with EDGE Casuals.

Are you interested in reading people? Here I mentioned a small story about how I got an opportunity to read thousands and thousands of people.
But first of all, I need an answer for this from you?

"How is it meeting new people for you?"

I know that you might say, it's an interesting thing but you know for me it's almost like a movie...

It may be a comedy, action, family, horror, romance, drama or something like that...
A Small Kandy Family
That's why I meant it as reading people. You know the BMICH Exhibition and Edge Casuals (E-line apparels) gave me an awesome opportunity to meet more than thousands of people.

You know that once we reach the end of November we started to think about Christmas and New Year's holidays. And once we catch December, the colourful month of the year, we started to think about shopping, travelling enjoying and rocking...

This story is a bit about an awesome experience I had in a shopping Festival/exhibition in Colombo BMICH, Sri Lanka.
You know, you have always something to get from my articles to your life so you are really lucky because you are reading this...
"Connection is a strange thing!" can you believe, Because we don't know where it comes from, and how it comes...Oh! But don't ask me how it works OK… let's see...

This story is about the connection that I had with edge casuals in BMICH exhibition/shopping festival.

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You know BMICH Colombo is one of the famous places in Colombo, Sri Lanka and BMICH stands for “Bandaranaike memorial international conference hall". You know It’s a place for events, shopping festivals, fairs and such kind of Exhibitions. It's nearly a one hour journey from Katunayake Bandaranaike international airport to Colombo BMICH which located in Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.

Have you ever heard one of the followings:

  • Colombo book fair
  • Colombo shopping festival
  • Christmas Wonderland
  • Year-end shopping festival
  • BMICH medical exhibition

According to my knowledge, these are the only events that take place in Colombo BMICH. But if you know any events that take place here in BMICH then comment below NOW with event name?
Christmas Wonderland

We know that working as a customer service representative is really a big challenge, but you know this helps people to make many lifelong friends. I am telling this because this helped me a lot to find many local and foreign friends.

I worked for a stall called "Edge casuals" with two of my friends’ @BMICH from 20 to 24th December where Christmas wonderland /December shopping festival took place, And there were nearly 10 people who worked with us as a family...

It was an unforgettable shopping journey for me know we all have the experience of shopping Festivals as customers, but have you ever experienced any shopping festival by engaged in selling something.

It's kind of an amazing thing and I must tell you that they were like family with whom I worked and that entire Edge team made my days unforgettable. I can tell you that to gather different skills you must always search for different opportunities, never lose your confidence because when the right time comes time will tell you everything and with that, you ended up with learning a lifelong lesson.
This would really work out for you.

Can I say something?

Go and work for a shopping festival stall where are you can be as a sales representative, where you have to stand nearly 12 hours from 10.00am to 10.00pm, where you have to talk continuously and deal with thousands of customers but remember for five days.

You must know this is not an unrealistic schedule. This is what I did when I was a part of the December shopping festival /BMICH exhibition.

Friends but I used this chance to make many friends from different stalls, and also from different countries. See how strange this life is... even if I got a busy schedule, I got enough time to visit a few local and foreigner’s stalls. I did talk to them because like I said I like talking to people. Once you started reading people you will understand how worth, it is for you. Because you will be able to understand different minds. 
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Pakistan Guy

At the End of the Journey

It was nearly at 10 PM the time of closing stalls. We were really tired and hungry. Our legs were in pain But still, we were busy selling T-shirts because the crowd was kept coming. But by force, we had to close our stalls because time was up. So we asked our customers to visit the next day.

After finishing our daily sessions we did go to "Abdul Hameed Street to have our dinner. Our team had three vehicles for our transportation. And you know it’s a nearly 45-minutes journey from BMICH to Pudukada.

You know Abdul Hameed street / Pudukada/Alutkade is one of the famous places for street foods. It's really a crowded place with many street food corners. It's a really happy time, we had. We spent our time talking and reminding the funniest things happened during the day hours... Friends! I didn't know anyone before I go there, but now, they became another family of mine.

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Rassan Batcha

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