Seven Interesting facts of PWC and the story of my resignation.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You know, you have always something to get from my articles to your life so you are really lucky because you are reading this...

 But this is not like the earlier experiences I have mentioned like:

fight in the Pettah Market”
“How I read thousands of people at BMICH”
“Wayamba field visit to one shot, one kill and no exceptions”
“How I realized Dale Steyn’s Colombo visit”
“My New year celebration in Galle Face” and etc. etc. 

But this story is going to be a strange story of life and work-life.

02nd Jan 2019, it was my first day of work, at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC) Sri Lanka and also the date when my blog got approved by Google. So remember it was an important day for me. In the morning I was like everything…Because I was really happy and excited.

R.E.M.O & a few great personalities helped me to reach PWC. I must thank them first because as we know reaching PWC is not an easy thing, but you know I can proudly say that in the journey of my life - PWC was a part.
Like everyone else, I too had a dream of working for PWC and at last, I was really lucky enough to be a part of it.

I am sure that this story might teach you something very special. Because, as usual here I mentioned a life lesson that I learned from a group called “SG3” no confusions ok, this is not a scientific formula. This is a Group named “Shiran’s-group 3”.

I can remember it was nearly at 9.10am, and a person called “Shiran” introduced me to a boy named “Ravindu” & and told this is the best who can give you a good introduction. So he introduced me to a group of people, I haven’t seen anyone before, they were not from my school, not from my hometown, not from my College or University.

So with that, you know I started to get a number of names. But the sad thing was I have a small problem with remembering multiple names at once. It is really a big deal for me. But somehow I managed the situations by calling everyone brothers and sisters.

Will keep it for a moment…

Union Place/ Slave Island- Colombo 02

Union place/ Salve Island is also can be called as Colombo 02 which is located approximately 01 km from the city of Fort. How the meaning of "Slave Island" came, there is really a big story behind this Slave Island, like “once upon a time African slaves were brought here to Sri Lanka and kept here by British.....” ohm! I don't know the rest... but I know this place is surrounded by few more places like Viharamahadevi Park (nearly 1.1 km), Beira Lake/ Beira wewa (nearly 0.6 to 0.8 km), Gangaramaya Temple and etc. etc. 

One of the most important thing that I have noticed here in Union Place/ Slave Island is a Temple, a Mosque, a Church and then a Kovil but all within 100m of walking distance.

A few minutes later, I had a regular talk with a person from another group, he just asked me “What is your group?”  So I told “Group Number 03”. You know his reaction was like: “What really group number 03, Shirans”

I was totally confused and as usual, I had number why’s and what’s?? But time went by people those who I met taught me everything.

Few personalities I met at PWC-Union Place.

1.    Let’s start with the Chocolate matter.

It was nearly at 11.15am everyone was busy talking to each & other because it was the company’s New Year celebration day. And I was standing near a table at the far end. Suddenly a new face came to me and asked: “Are you a newcomer?” Once I told yes, he asked me to come for a while. So once I went with him, He handed me a few chocolates and said,
“This is for you and have a good time ahead”

You want to know, who was that person? I mentioned the name under the comment section below!

2.    Lunch out.

A couple of days later, I came out of the office with the hope of having my lunch, but a boy came to me and ask to join, so we two had to pass Bray Brooke street and then Union place with few conversations to reach a street food corner.

The food corner was quite a different one because the serving method was quite interesting. There were varieties of curries and different types of rice at the other serving side. But that was not like the Buffet System (buffer). Once we paid we had to choose four Curries for a plate, among nearly 15 varieties. My friend went for Chicken and I went for fry fish with four Varieties including Sri Lanka’s famous Dhal curry. It was really delicious.

You want to know, who was that person? I mentioned the name under the comment section below!

3.    Time with HC- Human Capital.

The one who leads the HR, gave me good motivation & guidance once I went to meet him, that’s why I personally like human Capital department. They are such great experts on “Reading People”. But the thing is, still I have no idea about the name of the person with whom I talked with.

4.    An intern I met at HC.

Once I reached PWC, as a procedure I had to go through a number of documents, for me it was like a mini I exam. Friends, have you ever met funny talking machines? You know, there are some interns in this world whatever we ask they might say “I’m an intern, I’m an intern and I’m an intern…"
If we ask them, How to fill this? I am an intern…what is mean by this? I am an intern…

It was a really fun time I had, Sorry an intern struggled a lot by me. That person used to say “I am an intern” not only at the time when I went through the appointment process the same happened when I went through the resignation process too. But the story of resignation- I kept it for at last.

I told that I have a problem with remembering new names quickly but you know, if the name is uncommon and awkward I can catch it easily.

REMO: was the first face I got to know from PWC.
KUMUDU:  Sorry, actually, in the beginning, I thought this name was given for a Boy.

5.    No talking, No eating personality. 

In your life, have you ever met a person like No talking- No eating type. I met a person and she was into nothing but only to work. Actually, people feel surprised to see this type of personalities, because in this world few are waiting for an opportunity to express their ideas and to read the minds of other people.

But I must tell that few more smiles I met at PWC make me felt like I was at home.

6.    Sri Lanka cricket vs skill of management.

It was my 3rd day of work, all were busy with their works and even the managers too. And I could remember it was also a day of Sri Lankan cricket tour with New Zealand. But I have a small lesson to share here with you all.

You have any idea about how a leader can manage their whole team even it is stressful and pressure days. Managing the whole team perfectly is really a hard task but remember will be beneficial for the entire team.

Still, I can remember that day, the person Shiran came to the crowd and raised a question.

“Hey guys, do you know that we have lost another wicket, we have few more wickets in hand.”

But you know right after this question he asked from the Managers “Hey guys how about the planning matter that you asked me and how about the progress of other works.”
I personally took this as a skill of management. And not only with this matter, I learned a few more lessons with few more personalities named Nuwan, Nishadi, Mahesh, Nipuna, Tharindu, GTS people and etc. etc.
According to my point of view calling People actions as a “Spirit of PWC is not wrong” people will not realize it just by reading or listening you must go there and have a look. If people say we are wrong, let them talk.

7.    The only name which I used to say always & the one who taught me How to pour Tea.

My colleague, the senior, the person who came to guide me, taught me a lot about the professional workplace. But at one point, he had to teach me “How to pour a tea” because at our client place we had to pour tea ourselves. It was really interesting. Somehow, at last, I learned to pour tea within a few days.

He asked several times how your hand made tea. I proudly told him, wow! My tea, really good. But I was the only one who tested my cup of tea. A month went but still, I have a problem that there was a different taste I had with my tea during the rest of the month. Maybe a problem with the combination of the mixture. I went through the same procedure, boiled water, Milk powder, sugar and everything, but something was not right.

You want to know, who was that person? I mentioned the name under the comment section below!

I feel good if you share this article among your friends and family because we can reach this to the world!

Story of Resignation

In conclusion, I must tell all the hard-working personalities a thing. “A movie might last 02.30 hours when you watch it, but to make the movie? “ So never give up friends keep on doing hard work. We all can be great, greater, greatest one day.
In this image, did you notice that there is blue colour something on my thumb? It is a fingerprint sign. You are right, that was for my resignation. Change in my path and few more personal responsibilities leads me to resign from the PWC, Union Place/Slave Island… That was quite a sad part of the story. But here I want to tell you all an example in the journey of our life sometimes we have two options either to take the lift or an option of taking the stairs.

 But you know my last journey with the PWC was somewhat unforgettable. That is because of a small reason.

Still, I wonder why there are some “unplugged questions” in this world, to which we cannot get the exact answers. Those are the questions which sometimes give us a bit of motivation for our next step…. I had that type of an unplug question from the person who signed my resignation.
That question was…
“First time in my life I am signing this kind of a resignation letter?” But still, this question is an unanswerable one for me, but I just kept it as it is…

Did we talk at least once? If so, do comment below your experiences, ideas or whatever you want to share? Your comments can talk with the world?

Written By

Rassan Batcha

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  1. The only Name which I used to say always is - Sameera

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    1. It's really good to hear from India. And we love getting comments from our readers for our further developments.

  3. One of you are interesting person, telling your story with interesting ways.

    Keep it up, never give up

  4. The reason why your boss might have said is bcoz no new comers might willing to resign from PWC once they get onboard. So your request might had been looked kinda strange for him. LoL!!

    1. haha Finally, I found someone who agrees with the thing...Thanks for reading and Stay In Touch

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    It's very nicely presented.... keep it up👍👍👍

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