Are you making these travelling mistakes while travelling Sri Lanka? #Updated

If you are making these travelling mistakes, you have something to correct and we have something to give you to correct them...

Can you believe if I say, “My purpose is to travel around Sri Lanka without even a single plan?” Yes, that’s the truth, because like I said in one of my earlier article “PettahSituations made my trips not plans. But I am telling you if you have a plan in advance. It will be benefited to you throughout the journey.

You may familiar with the other writing styles who might say Go there, Eat here, Bring that, This thing and that thing... remember I am not into that. This is not even my style. My style is totally different from the others. Because I write all in my own way, according to the real happening to me and around me. So my way is quite practical and 100% real.

You know that I am into Sri Lankan travel destinations, tourism, Hotels, Backpacking and stuff. 

Travel makes a man perfect. I personally believe this because if we are into travel, we can meet many personalities with different skill levels which will be benefited for our entire lifestyle, but if you want to be a perfect traveller you must avoid some travel mistakes. If you are a traveller and making the same mistake again and again ……remember you have something to correct and you better search for solutions.

In this article, I am going to tell you some mistakes that we do as travellers/ backpackers. 

I always equal “Travelling” to “Life”. You know why? Because travelling around Sri Lanka is our passion, but people keep asking us…

“Ok! You are into travel, but stories sounds like a life-related.”

Yeah, you are right still I am writing something about life because “Life is like a ride and we are hurrying on a quick ride”
We all started this journey when our parents gave us birth and if I am right, we can’t predict when we are going to end up with this beautiful journey. 

Remember, if you make the same mistake again and again in your life, it leads you to failures. So likewise avoiding travel mistakes help us to have a marvellous travelling experience. Few of Travel mistakes are.

    01.  We skip their language because we know English.

If you planned to visit Sri Lanka Don’t worry my team is here to help you.

This is a big travelling mistake that you do, but to which I have a great solution. Knowing the basics of their language before you travel that particular place will be beneficial for you, not only to have a fun journey/trip. Also to make you comfortable with the environment. Nobody can cheat you, but you can make natives wonder.

We can personally help you to get out of this travel mistake if you planned to visit Sri Lanka. Reach us from the "Contact us" form We will be in touch with you soon to help you with Sri Lankan native languages.

You will also get an unconditional benefit by contacting us through the mail, if you want, you can request for the Sri Lankan “Basic Language Sheet” we offer it as a PDF. Then you can download it and bring it with you when you visit Sri Lanka. This “basic language sheet” includes the basics of the native languages. Which helps in day to day conversations.

And we will not stop with that we are here to help you throughout your journey with whatever your language issues. For all what you have to do is, use the same mail to contact us, we will be in touch with you asap.

  02. The mistake of Storing all currency/money in one place.

This is another travelling mistake that travellers do, but this applies not only to travellers, to each and every individual. Let’s explain this. 

Did your Daddy or Guardian ever tell you like this?

“Beta, Don’t keep the entire amount that you have, in the same place.”

My daddy did…

We learned You must avoid this mistake as a traveller because most probably travelling means we travel to an unknown place where we haven’t been before, we travel just have a change in our lifestyle. If you are coming to Sri Lanka or if we are going abroad, we must avoid these mistakes.

    03. We bring everything in our backpack- Overpacking mistake.

Let’s start with this question.

What did you bring to this world, once you were born? Obviously nothing, even your wearings, but look at you now, you have almost everything.

In that way you don’t have to bring each and everything in your backpack once you plan your trip, you can skip all the unnecessary/immaterial things from your backpack.

Try to add only the essentials. This is really a big mistake for us as travellers.

I have an example for you, let’s say you have planned a trip to visit Sri Lanka. And in this kind of a situation, you don’t have to have an overpack because here from a Sri Lankan local market you can buy almost everything. Sri Lankan tourism authority and related parties working for giving you a better service. 

You are our “kind” but if it is a “Queen” I mean a woman travelling to Sri Lanka, I know you can’t control them with what to bring and what not to bring because there is almost everything in their backpack. But I tell you all try to avoid this backpacking mistake.

      04. Last mistake is we avoid Networks.

How many contacts do you have on your mobile phone? And how you saved them?  I know hundreds of…
You know that is because, wherever we go, we meet new people, we talk to them and sometimes we have a coffee with them. 

Having multiple contacts help us in multiple ways like to learn about different cultural backgrounds, different languages etc. And I can say that among them, some personalities become our favourites too.

I have hundreds of contacts saved and I save each and every contact with the place where I met them or with the place where they are coming from. 

Here are some examples of how my contact names end with…

Name & then University, EDGE, United Nation, HDMIS, British council, Zahira, CA, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, EDNA, O/L, BMICH, Delhi, Mumbai, Pakistan, India, Bhai, Behan,  WNS, SFL and PWC. 

You know gathering contacts now become one of my hobbies too. These contacts remind me of a small matter, always remember sometimes we give our first preference for some contacts, but from where we can expect the same.

If you are already in my contacts you are in one of these categories, but no worries if not because I have a few more contacts saved with their full name and by the name given by me to them. 

Do comment below if you want to know how I saved your contact?

If you have any idea to visit Sri Lanka don’t hesitate to contact your friends and to ask for favours because of, they too humans. They will help you in any way. And do ask about current economic, political and climate situations of Sri Lanka. I wrote about travel tips in a separate article read here: Travel tips to visit Sri Lanka article.

Written By
Rassan Batcha


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