I lost few of my friends at the beach of Beruwala Sri Lanka

You are really lucky to read this untold story behind the beach of Beruwala.

It was the weekend I spent, with a few of my friends. Actually, you know, what that story is, behind this amazing, calm and mind-blowing Place called Beruwala and the untold story behind the Beruwala beach. 
Also, I am sure, this going to remind you of your Grandmom It was just for two days…

Day 01

It was a Saturday I was with a few of my friends in my home and the clock said 06.20 pm. We were getting ready for a wedding dinner. It was a wedding day of one of our University batchmate. The tagline of "Ihsan weds Rizla".

We took our vehicle nearly at 07.30 pm because we had to go to a hotel in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Azam, you gave us a good ride, and within the next 45 minutes with the raindrops, we managed to reach the wedding dinner. 

You know we had to bring our backpacks because we thought of having a rocking day 02 at Beruwala, Sri Lanka. So we had to keep our backpacks in the vehicle.

The wedding night was good as usual, well organized, appropriately settled though it was a rainy night. An hour later one of my friends looked at his watch and said oh! 10.35 pm. 

 “TIME” that was where the impact of life begins, in the next second he blubbered 

“Oh god, I have to catch my bus at 11 pm from Pettah to Kandy

Later, we quickly had to go through a few group images with the bride and groom. And with our batchmates Named Arshad, Amritha, Pinky, Shivanthini, Rathani, Rushmitha and Nirubana.

A few minutes later Musadiq, Shathir and I got into Azam’s vehicle to reach the Pettah bus station, Colombo. My friend was going through Kandy road, but I and Musadiq were into a different road that was for going to Beruwala in Kalutara district. 

Within the next few minutes we able to reach the Pettah bus station and took our busses. It was almost midnight, so the road was not so crowded or rushed.

Later, we two got onto a bus which was parked in the Pettah bus station. That bus was quite different from the others, because it was really colourful with lights, over the outside and the inside of the bus. You may have seen such Busses. Actually, it was decorated with colourful lights, stickers and also with some electronic gadgets. So it was quite unusual. And as usual, the songs were played in the background in high volume. But somehow we had to bear the music volume because we had no alternatives to travel to Beruwala since it was midnight.

You know that the bus was coming from far away, and it travels towards somewhere in Galle.
It was half-past 12.00 am, there were no more vehicles on the road on our way of Beruwala. You know the driver was almost standing on the accelerator, I guessed the speed was not less than 100 kmph.

After having an hour journey we reached the place, where we wanted to get down. But I quickly had to run to the driver to let him know that we are about to get down because the speed was still the same. 

The time when I was looking at the driver to tell the matter…. But he understood me before I spoke a word, that’s why he told:

 “Stop staring brother, I will let you get down.”

You know once we got out of the bus, it was nearly 01.30 am… almost midnight! And the Dogs were ruling the whole area. 

A few minutes later, one of our friends Fahad came by bike to pick two of us. Actually, Beruwala was Fahad’s hometown, so he was quite familiar with the roads and with the background…Somehow we three managed that bike to reach Fahad’s home. 

By the time everyone was sleeping at home, but except a few, exactly were our friends. 

Especially “A” gang. I meant Ahamed, Arshad, Adnan Once we reached Fahad’s home, we went to that particular room to meet our friends, a few slept but the majority not. 

And you know, as usual... We were not allowed to shout, talk loudly or even to laugh. Irfan, Ajmal, Fazim, Musharif, Musadiq I know it was quite a hard task for you and even for me.

Since the day was quite a tiring one, we just only went through a few conversations and a few minutes later we went back to tight sleep. Because my friends had a few more plans to execute on the Sunday/ Day 02. 

Day 02

#Sunday fun day… It was 09.20 in the morning, everyone was starving! So we quickly brushed and washed our faces to have our breakfast. It was really an unforgettable breakfast we had because the breakfast was made by a kind family…we must thank our friend Fahad first because he arranged them well. 

And a Grandma, I saw their, got my cool attention and my friend's attention too because of she reminds me of my lovely grandma.

 I am sure that this going to remind you of your grandma…

You know why people call them as grandparents because they are great parents those who love their entire family unconditionally. Some have grandmoms and some had grandmoms,

but you must know, how innocent they are/were… They are not here to rule the world… you are the world to them, Those who are always thinking and praying for you, even if you are not available.

Do comment below, if you want to share/tell/describe anything about your Lovely Grandmom?

A few minutes later our boys started to execute their plan…

 “Guys! Get ready, pack your stuff, we are going to go to the beach of Beruwala.”

All my friends were like - Wow! We are going to have a good time… But with that, the separation started. 

It was just walking distance to the Beruwala beach from Fahad’s place but the problem was few agreed to have a beach bath but few didn’t. Especially I was in that not category… not to have a beach bath, because I didn’t want to be a part of killing anybody innocent. 

That’s how my mindset worked because like your parents, my mom did the same…The previous day, when I was telling her about this Beruwala trip just to get my permission…She strictly told,

 “You are allowed to go to Beruwala but not to have a beach bath.”

So at the time, when my friends were talking about beach bath, that’s the only thing which was running throughout my mind. That’s the reason why I represented that not category. But you know, once we put it into the voting majority approved to have a beach bath on the beach of Beruwala.
Friends Enjoying 
Friends asked, why are you being like this? But I had no answer for them. Personally, I feel it’s too much of a risk. Not going to the beach, but having a beach bath.

I lost my friends at Beruwala beach

It was nearly 10.30 am, after having 15 minutes of walk, finally, we reached Beruwala beach.

A view with few local and foreign people and a small island in the middle of the sea. The view was like something a bit darker under the sky. Probably a wow place to travel in Sri Lanka. 
Small Island
I am really proud to be a Sri Lankan and I know you too feel the same. Because in Sri Lanka we have almost everything, which was naturally given to us by nature.
You know, after having a few steps of the beach we kept all our backpacks in a vacant place, but suddenly a few strangers came to us and told to keep our backpacks on the other side.

Only later we realized it was the entrance of “Cinnamon bey It was like a large ship parked near the Beruwala beach. But it’s not exactly a ship, It is a Star class Hotel in Beruwala beach. 

I can tell you that having asleep on a hammock in the Hotel side face to the beach is so simple but it’s a view that’s so fantastic.

There were many people on the beach walking, talking and chilling. I saw Kids were running here and there.

A few boys were playing with a boat on the beach. But still, I wonder what was there in that Small Island on the beach. You must visit Beruwala to see that coconut trees and small rock on that small island. It was really a good view to see.

Friends playing
The time came!!! I saw my friends were busy having a beach bath and one of my friends named Irfan did Swim little far towards a rock in the beach with the hope of touching it and finally be able to reach it as a hero. 

Once he touched the rock he safely returned back to our friends. But I lost my friends there because I was not a part of them, except me, everyone enjoyed the beach bath, all that I did was just enjoying the environment.

After spending hours there, we head towards our friends home, just for re-fresh. As we planned, we had our lunch at Beruwala masjid because we heard that there was a religious function happening there, called “Beruwala Kandiri” 

We heard about that religious function earlier but we never visited to see it in our life so we wanted to see the function and also to taste the food.

But you know the interesting matter happened to me once I reached my home after having an interesting weekend at Beruwala... My mom raised an awkward question form me that was,

           "Why didn't you have a beach bath with your friends? You should have enjoyed that time with your friends"

Right Now, what comes to your mind?  Whatever it is type in the comments section below!

Written By
Rassan Batcha

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  1. Hey brother this is an awesome article..and very interesting..It reminds so many incidents to me..Specially have to tell grandparents.. I missing both my grandparents..they are very kind and taking care of us..I can't describe them in a single word..The thing i can say now is i miss them very badly. Moreover this was a great opportunity to enjoy with your uni buddies..this time and experience can never get again..and Beruwala is a very attractive place..specially the beach..the island..However we should get a safe beach bath and safe boat ride with safeguards instructions. That's very important..because I lost my cousin sister and my cousin brother on 22nd of April 2019 at the small island Beruwala...It reminds me a grief memory.Finally have to say Sri Lanka is a beautiful country..we don't need to have a visit to other countries..bcs our country has more attractive natural places..Enjoy a lot, but don't take much dangerous risk things while you travelling...Be safe and Enjoy the wonder of Sri Lanka..this article make me to go to the Beruwala...

    1. Hello MJS Amra,

      You know people hate what they don't understand, but it's wow to get feed backs from the people those who understand the situations correctly. I understood your Love towards your grand mom, I feel happy to remind you of her...

      It was the sad part that you lost two souls there. My sympathies and prayers to your cousins.

      Stay In Touch,

  2. Great blog article about sri lanka and valuable travel information.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me improve my blog. read our other blog posts as well

  3. Nice read…quite thrilling!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to read my article, stay in touch as always.


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