Are you ready to make Sri Lanka a better place?

Do you know anything about the month of December 1970? It was an important day for all Christianity people in Sri Lanka. You know the great reason behind it because in that year Pope Paul VI visits Sri Lanka for the first time in the history. We don’t get any clear idea about that particular holy year but 1970’s people do. Like our parents.

Part 01

I will never forget the time when I received a call from my cousin “Khalid” It was nearly 11 am, on 21st Easter Sunday 2019. That day I was quite far from my home, the time when I answered the call.

I asked him, what’s the matter brow?  His answer was abnormal, unusual and unpredictable. I didn’t even expect such a thing from my country Sri Lanka. It was a black day for all Sri Lankans which had a powerful impact on our lives.

 “Brow...! where are you now? Few bomb Blasts took Place in Colombo and several places." I was shocked and I didn’t believe it at the beginning. Because it was nearly 10   years for that day when we finally heard about Shootings, Bomb blasts, terror attack and such words.
But this day reminds us many words like "Sri Lanka attack, easter blast, Colombo attack and Easter Sunday attack Sri Lanka." These are the topics what we used to talk in those days.

That bomb Blasts had a powerful and lasting influence on our lives.

A famous saying (of Jimmy Carter) said that “We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children”

This reminds me of the part of my experience when I heard the same news again and again “We are losing our people”

Part 02

Let’s start with this, if a third person asks your nationality, can you proudly say him/her…

Yes, “I am a proud Sri Lankan.”  The answer is quite interesting, but are you working for this? Like working, for a better Sri Lanka. I know you are always trying to make this country proud because we all came from good families even we separated into four.

Do you know, the benefits of having a peaceful country with multiple religions and languages? Actually, it is such a great opportunity for us as a small island, because our small country has a blessing of four Gods. Have you ever thought about it? We have blessings that are the truth, but we must work hard to reach out to it. So we must start working for it now itself. 

                         "The future starts today, not tomorrow."

We don’t have enough time to think because we have to compete with the world.   As a proud citizen, I am ready to be a part of it and YOU?

Come and join, we need people with one religion called Sri Lankan…”

Remember there is a column called religion in your application, on that space we must write Sri Lankan in Capital letters. 

Comment your thoughts below...

Written By

Rassan Batcha

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  1. This article tells much about the unity of the that i like the verses about we shouldn't seperate into 04, however we should be one.Such as a Sri Lankan.Me too proud to say that..However so many dreadful incidents happened. We can't get the People who passed away on the day of Easter Sunday.We should be unity and peace to have a sustainable development to our country.

    1. Here MJS Amra again. We love to see your thoughts a routine are absolutely right we need People, Peace and then a perfect Plan.. here we go with a small step...keep in touch as always


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