Sri Lanka hits for top five beaches in the Asia, and number three will make you shock.

You know Sri Lanka is one of the most devalued countries in south Asia. One of the great attractions is the amazing beaches. I’m really happy to share this story with my readers. I have travelled to Sri Lankan rolling mountains, tea fields, beaches, ancient Heritage Sites. In this story, I will tell you everything you need to know about the best beaches in the south of Sri Lanka.

 One thing I'll let you know at this point is that all these beaches have something inimitable & superior feelings to offer and though I'm counting down to my beloved Beach, my least favourite, much loved and so on.

Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka

 Among the first of all at number five I prefer is Tangalle beach. I want to say that Tangalle is the large town in Hambantota district located nearly 195 km far from the city Colombo, Sri Lanka. I personally believe that this is one of the biggest beaches in Sri Lanka. Moreover few Sri Lankan fishermen and the one other couple staying in my lodging. I didn't notice any other people around, though I do recommend you to look after your stuff. Here in Tangalle there are only a few accommodations and a few restaurants around. The unique thing I really liked about Tangalle beach is walking and talking along the seashore to check out all the other beaches around. At this moment you might be questioning why Tangalle beach ranks at number five. I want to tell you that's because of the sea waves are too tough to swim and I guess the sea waves are also not an ideal place for surfers.

I don't want to leave this as a bitter note, so I will say it has a cool rock swimming pool you could bath in and it's unconditionally gorgeous and definitely worth to stay for a few days and nights.

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

 Then I can place Bentota beach next. The Bentota city is located in Galle district Sri Lanka and the place is nearly 84 km far from Colombo city. Bentota beach is alike Tangalle beach the seashore goes for miles and the time I spent there I only noticed a few of folks. I can say that the south of Sri Lanka is one of the main traveller parts of the country. So I can recommend you to travel to Sri Lanka and then to visit down south to see the difference of stunning places. You know I got surprised when I found out that somewhere so beautiful it could be so quiet.

If anyone ask me to rank a place on the earth I Will definitely pick this place as the best travel destination. While I was there I have noticed that the cause why this travel destination Bentota beach was so quiet, and I abled to identify that prices of the hotels are on the higher side. So a lot of travel has moved down the seaside to more cheap accommodation. But remember if you're travelling to Sri Lanka on a budget you'll still be able to find some awesome accommodations in Bentota, but the thing is you should book accommodations in advance because of the competition of the travellers towards these accommodations.

Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

Then I can tell you about the beach Hikkaduwa at number three. Which is also located in Galle district with 115 km far from the city Colombo. Hikkaduwa beach is one of the demanding beaches in south Sri Lanka, and you know normally busy beaches aren't usually my cup of coffee. There was only one ultimate reason why I check out this Hikkaduwa beach is only because of a girl. Just kidding it's because of turtles. 

Two times a week the sea turtle foundation or something I forgot and rescue centre relief baby turtles into the sea to assist repopulate turtles and the afterword turtles return to the same beach, where they were born just to place their eggs. You can see little turtles in the evening and then enormous turtles in the morning. But you have to do the hardest thing what I can’t afford, you have to make sure you wake up early and beat the crowds to see these awesome things, or else you might have to face some abnormal, cute and amazing situations due to the crowd. So be early and be quick to enjoy your shots just like I did in once in my life.

Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

Will move to number two which is Unawatuna beach.  Unawatuna is a seaside town located in Galle district and 125km far from the city of Colombo. Unawatuna beach is a popular beach with a calm atmosphere. There are so many cute teashops and eateries in Unawatuna. I could easily spend a week or here comforting and eating. I must say this to you first of all but I forgot if you haven't already tried the Sri Lankan curry in your life I think you are the unluckiest traveller in the world. So I highly suggest you do it. All restaurant does its own variety, but basically, you will be able to get five different curries and a mountain of rice.

This was obviously my meal there when I was in south Sri Lanka. I was there on high season and I didn't find it too packed but if you are looking for a silent beach you can head to Dalawella Beach. This beach is very popular because of the view with awesome Coconut Palm tree which helps for Cable Swing. This Beach is known for its stand fishermen and Tarzan swing. A small hike from the town through some woods will bring you to this amazing Sri Lankan jungle Beach. This is also a nice spot to spend the day.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

And lastly, my number one beach is Mirissa. Mirissa beach is located in Matara District and approximately 150 km far from Colombo. If you're going to pick one beach to visit then Mirissa beach is the one you should go to. It's a big beach with clear water. There are a lot of places to eat and accommodations for travellers in each and every budget. Also if you're looking for some club scene this is the place to travel. Here we will be able to see a party every night.

 A couple things to check out What Mirissa is, one is the secret beach which is a great place to escape from the gatherings, when I was there I had one of the most unbelievable sunsets I've ever seen in the life and two is whale watching. You're pretty much guaranteed to see a whale because of the amount of fish in this particular sea area. It's a great morning trip, you get food and coffee and a fantastic view of the monsters and the ocean. That's it for my top five south Sri Lankan beaches.

Written By
Rassan Batcha


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