You know what Dale Steyn told about Colombo, Sri Lanka.

"A few minutes later…. I just opened up my eyes just to have a sip of my Coffee. With that, I Scrolled my twitter home just to get a few updates.
With the blue theme, a tweet got my attention. It was a tweet about Colombo Sri Lanka, tweeted by..."

It was an evening, with the hope of writing an article I sat next to a window with a hot black coffee. I was confused about what to write because there was a number of stories running on my mind. So I just closed my eyes for a while and I leaned to the chair. And there were no noises in the background.

With the dark in my eyes and the silence in the background, all that I heard was,
Tik Tik Tik….!!

It was the only noise around me from our wall clock. That sound leads my mind to the number of famous clock towers and the tallest towers in the world.

I know that if you heard the name “Big Ben” your mind will run towards London city.

If the name is “Eiffel” you will think about the Paris city.

The name “Canton Tower” leads you to the Guangzhou city in China.

If you have given the name “Imperial ||” you will think about our neighbour India.

“Tokyo Skytree” leads you to Japan and “Kuala Lumpur tower” leads your mind to Malaysia.

At last, the tower “Space Needle” definitely leads you to Washington.

By the time I was only thinking about which will come to your mind when you think about Colombo, Sri Lanka?
Earlier I know there was nothing, but you know, now there is a tower called “Lotus tower” which touches the Sri Lankan sky.  It’s a wow feeling that this Lotus tower gave Sri Lanka an identity towards the world. Wherever you are in Colombo city this Lotus tower catches your eyes.
Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and highest populated region in the Island. Colombo is not only a town it consists of a number of small towns and people with various religions. Colombo, Sri Lanka is like a landmark for peace.

Once you landed to Sri Lanka by Bandaranaike International Airport it will take nearly 30 minutes for you to reach Colombo City through Katunayake expressway with the view of Lotus tower.

A few minutes later…. I just opened up my eyes just to have a sip of my Coffee. With that, I Scrolled my twitter home just to get a few updates.

With the blue theme, a tweet got my attention. It was a tweet, tweeted by a famous South African cricketer named Dale Steyn. Here, see what he mentioned and how he felt the difference of Colombo, Sri Lanka then and now.

      This is what Dale Steyn told about Colombo, Sri Lanka.

You know that there are a number of places here in Colombo to spend your time and chill. Shopping malls like Majestic City, Marino mall, Colombo City Center and places like Arcade Independence Square, Waters edge, Galle face and etc etc. Maybe these are the reasons for what Dale Steyn told about Colombo, Sri Lanka.

End of the View

With that, I ended up having my coffee and I felt quite proud too because I was a part of this City. After that, there was a question running on my mind towards the world that was

“Do you think that as an Island, Can we compete with the world?”

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Written By
Rassan Batcha


  1. Lotus Tower raise up like a radiant sculpture..and it seems really wonderful and eye catching. Although Colombo is an urban place,those creatures make me feel like in a rural area.. and the lights of that tower.."woow...awesome"..Moreover this blog added a great value to the lotus tower..Gd job...

    1. We appreciate your comment.
      And your note helps our readers a good view.

  2. I am your big fan,i Like your article bro.. i am fron india. Love u Sri Lanka🤩🤩

    1. Love to hear from our neighbor India. Pleasure to have a fan like you. thousands of thanks!
      Stay in touch as always

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