My New Year Celebration in Galle Face Colombo.

"I felt the situation and it looked really colourful, I enjoyed each and every second. All the hotel windows were open. It was unusual and the foreigners were looking over the windows. It was really a nice view............??"

It was a new year's eve of 2018, my phone has started ringing with the song "Shape of You". I had to go out of my house to answer the call because there were many relatives in my home and all were busy talking.

It was my friend Arqam and Ahamed was also there on another side because we were on a conference call. It was for the planning of our new year celebration in Galle face Colombo.

So later we decided to go to Galle Face and celebrate our new year eve and I felt this as usual because this place was a little familiar for me.

You know the Galle Face is an open place on the beach on one side and the number of luxury hotels like Galleface Hotel, Taj Samudra HotelCinnamon HotelGaladari Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel on another side.

This is the place where you can visit to spend your spare time with your family and friends. And here I'm going to share with you an interesting story behind Galle Face.

Once we decided on the place and Arqam asked me to visit his home within one hour. Anyway, an hour left but still, I was in my home because there were many relatives and they wanted me to stay at home. Later somehow I escaped nearly after an hour.

A few minutes later I checked my phone there were 05 missed calls from Arqam, I didn't answer because I was in a hurry. After I reached his home there was his brother "Gaffa Ka" with his family. Since I know him well, I didn't forget to have a conversation because he is one of my Motivator.

There were my friends' nephews and nieces / small kids at his place. So they wanted us to buy crackers for them. Therefore we went to some of the street shops to buy crackers. After giving those crackers we could see smiles over their faces.

Moreover, we decided to go to Galle Face. It was near 11.30pm. There were only 30 minutes left for New Year celebrations in Galle Face Colombo. Ahamed told us that he could directly come to the Galle Face.

 So we quickly took a Trishow right after we left the house.

You know the streets were really busy. There were too many cracker shops everywhere in the streets and people were going here and there. The roads were filled with vehicles like it was daytime. The cracker sounds and lights could see everywhere. It was really a bright night.

A few minutes later we were 200 meters away from the Galle Face and there was a rush in the streets due to the heavy traffic. And Galle Face was not in our eye-catching distance, there were only two minutes left to 12.00am. Everyone got ready for the New Year celebration in Galle Face Colombo.

After we got off from the Trishow we started running towards the Galle Face.
We Ran.....We Ran..... We Ran.....!

Not only us, but all were also started running towards the Galle Face. While we were running I heard that all were counting, 

And in the next second, we reached the place. The counting stopped and people started shouting with the sound of crackers and we could see flower slots crackers around everywhere in the hotels.

I felt the situation, and it looked really colourful. I enjoyed each and every second. All the hotel windows were open, it was unusual and the foreigners were looking over the windows. It was really a nice view to see.
There were thousands of people all over the Galle Face and streets.

Later it took nearly 15 minutes for us to find our friend Ahamed due to the heavy crowd.

At around 2.00am in the midnight, we had our dinner from a street restaurant called Fazli's Refreshments which was in the street of Slave Island City.

Finally, we reached Arqam's home by a "pick me" drive a better travel partner and throughout the night we had too many topics to talk to each other about our lives and career plans. So we talked until 05.00 am. At the time we missed our friend Farhan too. And still, I can remember each and every conversation we had like it was yesterday.

Written By
Rassan Batcha

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  1. Never knew you are an interesting story teller... Do you really need to mention my name? Ha ha... I like the simplicity in your article. Keep writing for hungry readers...!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and I am proud to have your name in my Article "Gaffa Ka". I am just trying to say what's on my mind. if it works out then great.

  2. What a story , keep it up 😅

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Fazim ! and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you. Come back and see us soon. Cheers!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks machn! we feel really good if we can here your name...

  4. An interesting story!!������
    A nice memory for new years eve��..

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely feedback, our hobby is to let the world know that we are existing, stay in touch as always

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you very much for the comment brother this means a lot to me

  6. Not sure if you will come across this comment since this blog was published 4 years ago and I'm getting an opportunity to read it only now ��
    But it's great to see these amazing blogs that you have put up and the fact that you have been doing this as a hobby and passion!
    Keep doing these great stuff!!

    1. Hi Saeedha, thanks a lot for reading our article. It was amazing and wonderful 4 years, where we used to improve and develop our articles. the more we grow the more we realize that we have a lot to learn.
      Thanks and stay in touch.


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