Good News for Indian Tourists Who Travel Sri Lanka: UPI Payments in the Island SL.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, technology continues to play a pivotal role in simplifying our lives. One such technological advancement is the UnifiedPayments Interface (UPI), a revolutionary digital payment system that has now made its way to the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka.

This development brings great news for Indian tourists who plan to travel to Sri Lanka, as it offers you a convenient and seamless way to make payments during your visit. 

In this travel article, we will explore the benefits of UPI payments in Sri Lanka and how it is transforming the travel experience for Indian tourists specially for you.


The Rise of UPI Payments (Unified Payments Interface)

Before we go into the specifics of UPI payments in Sri Lanka, let's take a moment to understand what UPI is and how it has revolutionized the digital payment landscape in India. 

Unified Payments Interface, commonly known as UPI, is a real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Launched in 2016, UPI quickly gained popularity and became the most popular payment method in India. That’s WOW.

UPI allows users to make instant, secure, and cashless transactions using their smartphones. It simplifies fund transfers by eliminating the need for traditional bank account details and instead utilizes a unique UPI ID, which can be a mobile number, QR code, or Virtual Payment Address. With its user-friendly interface and wide accessibility, UPI has transformed the way Indians transact digitally.

UPI Payments in Sri Lanka: A Game Changer for Indian Tourists

Recognizing the significant benefits of UPI payments, Sri Lanka has embraced this cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience of Indian tourists visiting the island. The collaboration between India's NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) and Sri Lanka's Central Bank-owned LankaPay has paved the way for UPI services in Sri Lanka.

With UPI payments now available in Sri Lanka, Indian tourists can bid farewell to the hassle of carrying cash or worrying about currency conversions. They can seamlessly make digital payments during their travels by simply scanning a QR code or entering their UPI ID. This provides a level of convenience and security that was previously unavailable, making the travel experience in Sri Lanka even more enjoyable.


Benefits of UPI Payments for Sri Lankans and Indians

The introduction of UPI payments in Sri Lanka brings a myriad of benefits for both Sri Lankans and Indian tourists. Let's explore some of these advantages:

Convenience and Security

For Indian tourists, UPI payments offer a level of convenience that is unparalleled. They no longer need to carry large sums of cash or worry about finding ATMs to withdraw money. With UPI, payments can be made instantly, securely, and conveniently using their smartphones. This not only saves time but also provides peace of mind during their travels.

Similarly, Sri Lankans also benefit from UPI payments as it simplifies financial transactions and eliminates the need for cash handling. Whether it's making payments at local shops, restaurants, or tourist attractions, UPI offers a seamless and secure payment experience for both parties involved.

Real-time Fund Transfers

One of the key features of UPI payments is its ability to facilitate real-time fund transfers. This means that Indian tourists can transfer money to their Sri Lankan counterparts instantly, without any delays or intermediaries. Whether it's splitting bills, paying for accommodations, or reimbursing friends, UPI ensures that funds are transferred swiftly, allowing for a hassle-free travel experience.

Elimination of Currency Conversion Hassles

Currency conversion can often be a headache for travelers, with fluctuating exchange rates and additional charges. However, with UPI payments, Indian tourists can make payments directly in Indian rupees, eliminating the need for currency conversion. This not only simplifies transactions but also provides clarity and transparency in terms of costs.

Boost to Local Businesses

The adoption of UPI payments in Sri Lanka presents a significant opportunity for local businesses, especially small and medium-scale enterprises. By accepting UPI payments, these businesses can tap into the large Indian tourist market and attract more customers. This not only boosts their revenue but also helps in promoting economic growth and fostering cross-cultural relationships.

How to Use UPI Payments in Sri Lanka

Using UPI payments in Sri Lanka is incredibly simple and straightforward. Indian tourists can follow these steps to make digital payments during their visit:

  1. Download a UPI-enabled payment app on your smartphone.
  2. Link your bank account and create a UPI ID.
  3. Scan the merchant's QR code or enter their UPI ID.
  4. Enter the payment amount and authorize the transaction using your UPI PIN.
  5. Receive instant confirmation and enjoy a seamless payment experience.

It's important to note that UPI payments in Sri Lanka are supported by all banks and financial institutions registered with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

This ensures widespread acceptance and accessibility for both tourists and local businesses.

The Future of UPI Payments in Sri Lanka

With the successful launch of UPI payments in Sri Lanka, the future looks promising. The collaboration between India and Sri Lanka in the fintech sector signifies the strengthening of historic ties through modern digital technology.

The convenience, security, and efficiency of UPI payments are expected to attract more Indian tourists to Sri Lanka, further boosting tourism and economic growth.

In the coming years, we can anticipate even more merchants and businesses in Sri Lanka adopting UPI as a payment option. This will create a seamless ecosystem for digital transactions and provide a truly cashless experience for both locals and tourists.


The introduction of UPI payments in Sri Lanka marks a significant milestone in the travel landscape for Indian tourists. With the convenience, security, and real-time fund transfer capabilities of UPI, travelers can now explore Sri Lanka without the worry of carrying cash or dealing with currency conversions.

This digital revolution in payments not only enhances the travel experience but also fosters economic growth and strengthens bilateral ties between India and Sri Lanka. So, if you're planning a trip to Sri Lanka, embrace the power of UPI payments and embark on a truly seamless and memorable journey.


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Written by 
Rassan Batcha


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