How I reached Rambuk Ela in Kandy District.

"Later we got on another bus from Kandy. while travelling we heard a number of songs playing in the background in Sri Lanka's native language, Sinhala. Since I could manage the Sinhala language I understood all the lyrics and I enjoyed....??"

We know that there are a number of cities in each and every state/district/province. But we should know that there are a number of villages that we rarely know.
You know why?
Because those villages are quite far from the main cities.

Rambuk Ela in Kandy District is a hill country village which is located 20kms far from Kandy city and 6kms from Akurana town which is another sub-town in Kandy District.

In this post, I let you know about how two of my friends (Musadiq and Aasif) and I went on a trip to Rambuk Ela in Kandy District.

You know it is an amazing being up before the birds. It was nearly 5.30 am, a Friday 29 of June 2018. My two friends and I woke up and dressed up quite earlier for our trip to Rambuk Ela. And among the above two friends, one represents this small beautiful village called Rambuk Ela in Kandy District. So he guided us to reach that place.

We took a bus from Kuliyapitiya town nearly at 7.30 am and we reached Kandy town nearly at 10.30 am. We started our journey from our boarding place in Kuliyapitiya because it is our university premises.

Later we got on another bus from Kandy. while travelling we heard a number of songs playing in the background in Sri Lanka's native language, Sinhala. Since I could manage the Sinhala language I understood all the lyrics and I enjoyed it.

We reached Akurana town in next 20 minutes. And later we waited to look for another bus but we didn't find so we had to take a Tuk Tuk from Akurana town to Rambuk Ela village. Rider asked us 400LKR but we bargained and reduced our cost to 350LKR.

Finally, we reached our friend's place in the next 10 minutes. Later we had a quick shower and went for our Friday prayers. Masjid was nearly 1km far from his house so we had to walk through ups and downs. After that, we went to see the view of that village. It was an amazing spectacle.


Next day it was nearly half-past ten. we arranged our backpacks and started walking through step roads of Rambuk Ela and finally, we stopped at Ankubura tea Estate. 

While having a big discussion inside the bus we passed Akurana & Katugastota towns and at last, we reached Kandy city. But before winded up our session we didn't forget to visit Sri Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Tooth) and Sri Dalada Museum in Kandy.

After having a meal in a street restaurant we walked along the streets to the Bishop's bus station to get our busses to reach our own hometowns.

Written By
Rassan Batcha

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  1. This article is such a good work first time I got to know about Rambukela through your article.

    1. This is the best result what we expect from our writings

  2. I just take a peek and saw your post. Love the place it is worth reading. Cheers!

    1. Hey Zumi Thanks for your comments...It means a lot to us


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